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Pavlos Polakis for some reason believes that if he puts a lot of capital letters in his posts on social media and repeated punctuation marks (eg four question marks) he puts more emphasis on what he says. In fact he just proves that the limits of his thinking and His speech does not exceed those of the online magic picture. And he shows illiteracy. If he thinks that his posts are “political interventions”, then he is horribly laughed at. His posts just prove that he can not think beyond shouts and outbursts. Why did Tsipras make him a minister so that he could write the same posts, with the same image, the so-called spikes, the capital letters and the four question marks or exclamations in a row, just in the capacity of deputy minister. In other words, to function as a – and with the parliament – government communication “pistol”. And once I said about the ministry, let me not list numbers. I asked a simple question to which he did not answer: when the pandemic started, the NSS was not ready for And for that he has a responsibility, no matter how many numbers he gives. Of course, for the cigarette case of the vulgar logical “family responsibility” that Polakis showed he is silent. Now he’s guilty. He’s guilty of vulgarity with the Left, let others explain it. and swallowed all the terms of the Troika, when that “No” became a resounding “Yes” to the Memoranda. But the problem is elsewhere: it could all be graphic, if not dangerous. Why this kind of thing the so-called magic and vulgarity and the yalanji tsabouka, with the references to “karagiozakou”, “I have you”, “you do not make a curly hair” (really what modesty prevented Pavlos Polakis from completing the sentence?) I have it Hear only from the brazen gold diggers. Why this constant substitution of politics by tsaboukas and vulgarity is par excellence of the extreme right. Why the political aesthetics of “Psofos!” ends up facilitating the extreme right. It is obvious that Pavlos Polakis has forgotten what it means to speak politically. He only knows how to shout and shout obscenities on social media. , this neo-Aurianism of the internet, has nothing to do with the Left, its ethos and its struggles. Even more, Polakis, with his so-called magic, allows the Extreme Center and Luben on the right to talk about the “theory of the two extremes”. After all, Polakis had broken with the Left, before he found himself in SYRIZA. When he had passed through Kazakis’ EPAM, a formation that had gathered a few “sprays”. Burnt. In any case, it is good that Pavlos Polakis does not feel that he is the immovable “Guard of the Revolution” who has the unaccountable to swear and swear. It is much more a consumable “joker of the king”, and when Tsipras thinks that he no longer needs neo-Aurianism, he will just put it aside. And since you like the songs, after fishing, I dedicate to you one that you will appreciateā€¦ Petsaka of Crete. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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