Tankovic: “If the coach chooses me, I am ready to play”

Muamer Tankovic spoke to NOVA’s camera about the game with PAOK and said he was ready to play. The Swedish winger stressed that he feels fantastic at AEK while he also talked about Livai Garcia with whom he was a teammate at Alkmaar. In detail, what he said: How he has experienced his first days at AEK: as well as the players have welcomed me in a great way “. About how he understood the fact that everyone was talking about his transfer to AEK all the previous months:” I did not watch the press so much and I did not see that there was so much mobility around my name. “I was excited about AEK’s interest, I had a good relationship with Ivic and as soon as the final decision to come to AEK came I was happy.” I was very happy to see him, so was he. It is very good when you see an acquaintance of yours in a team, it helps you to acclimatize better “. About how he expects his coexistence with Garcia in the eleven:” When we were in the Netherlands we were younger. Now we have matured. Our qualifications have improved and AEK chose us at the right time. “For the good words of Hult and Adarevic about him and how he characterizes his game:” I am creative, when I find the opportunity I will try to score. I go one-on-one but I prefer to team up with my teammates. “Who is better at one-on-one, he or Livai Garcia:” Hahaha, the question is not fair. Livai is much faster, so I will not go into the process to answer that. “About how he expects the game with PAOK:” I do not know much about PAOK, but I expect a good match, it is a good team and I believe that they will want to win. We want to win it more and with this logic we will enter the field to succeed. “On whether he is ready for his debut:” If the coach chooses me, I am ready to play “.

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