“Symbolic” the return to normalcy

Biden gathered the largest number of voters in the history of the presidential election, I heard the commentator on an American station say. It surpassed the historical record of Obama. He overcame it and good luck, but the bad news is that Obama has now slipped to third place in the ranking, as Trump, probably the outgoing president, is in second place. With the possibility of Biden’s victory becoming more and more likely, The counting of votes is moving forward, the striking element that will determine the character of the next day and, therefore, the expectations of all of us from the new US leadership is the resilience shown by Trump. Despite the internal outcry against him for handling the health crisis, despite the international resilience that constitutes his presence in office, the percentage of Americans who showed by voting that they do not care if their president is a dangerous Karagiozis In the Senate, the majority of Republicans endured; and in the House of Representatives, I have the impression that something unexpected has stung there, even though the Democrats are in control. Even the fact that Trump’s frantic public speaking program during the last two days of the campaign paid off is impressive in terms of the resonance it still has in a world. If not him personally, however, the values ​​that Trump represents and the political power they have have not been shattered as a bad dream – even if the desirable happens, that is, to pick them up from “this beautiful house, the very beautiful house, the White House “(in his own words). With the experience we have gained in the past years, we can all now understand how horrible and unbearable the defeat must be for Trump. After all, from the first moment that the specter of defeat began to appear, last Wednesday, he announced his intentions for the future: he declared himself the winner of the elections, resorted to the courts and used conspiracy theories, fake news and lies to mobilize his followers. His reaction has shocked his opponents as well. On television, commentators have left the pretexts and called him outright “crazy” and “unbalanced.” I want to say with all this that the United States, the oldest democracy in the western world, is coming out of the election torn apart, without on the part of the loser at least no disposition to heal the wound. What his daughter said in her speech to the Republican convention is sadly true: Trump has already changed American politics. Biden’s statement that he would immediately bring the United States back to the Paris Agreement on global climate change signals the winner’s willingness to return to normalcy. The question, however, is whether it has it, given the division America is experiencing. “The paradox,” Robert Keegan wrote of his countrymen, “is that most Americans do not believe they have any national aspirations beyond basic national security.” and economic prosperity. Far fewer believe that they seek universal supremacy. Americans consider themselves introverted and island-minded, always one step ahead of retiring to their fortress – despite decades of deploying troops to dozens of countries around the world and using their great economic, political and cultural power to influence the behavior of millions, perhaps billions, of people in other countries. ” So, no matter how welcome Biden’s US return to the international stage, let’s not expect it to be more than symbolic. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, in the

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