Support of the primary sector with the scientific contribution of DUTH

Application of new cultivation methods, increase of production and reduction of costs, improvement of quality, development of new crops, distribution of products in new markets in Greece and abroad and training of producers by scientists of Democritus University, are the goals he wants to achieve the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace through a special program developed with the Department of Rural Development of DUTH to support the primary sector. The directions and technical details of the program were the focus of a meeting convened by Regional Governor Christos Metios Dean of the School of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of DUTH Professor Spyridon Koutroubas, of the President of the Department of Rural Development DUTH Professor Christos Hatzisavvidis, of the Vice-Regional Minister of Agricultural Economics and Veterinary Medicine Giorgos Zestifasteros The program will record the main problems faced by the primary sector in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, pilot new cultivation techniques will be applied to selected agricultural plots in each Regional Unit and proposals will be made for the restructuring of cultivation. At the same time, new tools will be used to promote local products in new markets and training seminars for producers will be organized. During the meeting, Mr. Metios said: “Eastern Macedonia and Thrace is a basically rural region. But the primary sector, like any productive activity, needs constant development and adaptation to new economic and environmental data. The presence of Democritus University in our area is an important advantage that we can take advantage of in this direction. With the program we are working on, we start a long collaboration with the University in order to bring the scientific community close to the producers and to encourage the application of scientific knowledge in primary production. For this purpose we commit the necessary resources. Our goal in the coming years is to have tangible benefits for the producers of our region, the regional economy and the environment “. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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