Support measures: What applies to rents, checks, allowances, government loans

The government is giving financial respite to households, self-employed and businesses with the new support package, which is activated this week, while the Ministry of Finance is ready to extend the measures in December. In particular, the amendment of the Ministry of Finance provides the following: Rents The optional reduction of rents by at least 30% stops in October and from November the mandatory haircut of 40% returns. Only companies in Kozani and the employees of the specific companies that were suspended for their first residence or student housing are entitled to a mandatory 40% reduction in rents for October. For the month of November 2020, a mandatory rent reduction of 40% is entitled to: Businesses located or having a branch in a regional unit that is part of an epidemiological level of at least increased risk or in a regional unit for which emergency public health protection measures have been issued. regardless of the epidemiological level of the regional unit in which the company is located or has a branch. Parents (at least one) who are suspended from work and pay rent for their child studying in another city. Sailors whose the sign-up contract is suspended, as well as spouses or other parties to a cohabitation agreement and for as long as the sign-up contract is still suspended. the amount will be credited to their bank account check Checks are extended by 75 days from the expiration date of check payments ending by December 31, 2020. The measure concerns companies that have rolled down by state order or belong to one of the affected KAD and in the six months April – September their turnover decreased by at least 50% compared to the same period last year. Securities of these companies that expired after November 6 or will expire until the entry into force of the law do not enter Tiresias. For bearers who will not collect the checks, the 75-day extension of payment of their checks will also apply, if the total value of the securities that they will not receive due to suspension exceeds 50% of their average monthly turnover last year. If the value of the suspended maturity of checks / securities they hold exceeds 20% of last year’s average monthly turnover, they are entitled to two facilities from the Tax Office: Extension until April 30, 2021 for VAT payment to be paid in the period 1-30 November, and of debts that have been confirmed or will be confirmed on the basis of timely submission of declarations with a deadline of 30-11-2020 and 31-12-2020. Suspension of the payment of the November and December installments for regulated debts to the Tax Office. These two installments will be paid at the end of the adjustment program. Refundable deposit. 4By November 30, businesses and professionals must apply for cheap government loans, which range from a minimum of 1,000 euros to 30,000 euros, depending on the number of employees of each company. The new cycle of 1 billion euros includes professionals without employees and without a cash register as well as new businesses. 50% of the amount that the professional will receive is not refundable, while whoever applies will undertake not to make a dismissal until the end of March 2021. Settlement of insurance debts of professionals In 5 instead of 2 installments will be paid the insurance debts arising from settlement of 2019 contributions for 800,343 self-employed, self-employed and farmers. Collective agreements With legislative intervention, the validity of collective labor agreements which expired or will expire during the pandemic period is expected to be extended. The platform for submitting applications for suspension of employment contracts was opened yesterday, with the deadline expiring on December 7. Compensation payments of 800 euros will be made gradually. As for the companies that close with a state order, they will take place between November 27 and December 3. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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