Supermarkets: What time will they close from the Friday when the traffic ban will take effect

“This Sunday, the supermarkets will not open as we had initially decided. The traffic is not so big, nor do we have any big picture of overcrowding and we said we do not need to add traffic on Sunday in the streets “announced the Minister of Development ‘Adonis Georgiadis during the second reading of the draft law on e-commerce in the Production Committee and “Only day of rest” The Minister of Development ‘Adonis Georgiadis stated that anyway “this was a request of the employees of the supermarkets not to work on Sunday. As he said, it is the only day of rest and we do not want to deprive them of it under any circumstances. He also noted that “supermarket hours will close at 20:30 at night, just to prevent vendors who are customers from returning home and not fall under the curfew that will apply from 9 pm.” There is tolerance. ”And so should the employees have a little more time to return to their homes. There will be a great tolerance, obviously, in time, because a supermarket does not close in a second, it has some process. In any case, we will all try to see it as much as possible in time in the new context of the pandemic we are going through. “” Continuous appreciations “In the remark made by the special spokesman of KINAL Michalis Katrinis, that” from the day this second one started lockdown, we have continuous price increases of supermarkets in basic food items, as recorded by the Ministry’s Price Observatory “, Mr. Georgiadis replied:” I believe that consumer behavior can affect prices down. We will do price checks. It is obvious that where there are excessive increases we will ask for a reason “. He pointed out that in Greece there is no pricing of products. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news.

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