Supermarket: Which products will not be on the shelves from today

Changes are coming to the supermarkets as from today, Wednesday, restrictions are placed on the sale of non-essential items. The government adopts the example of other European countries by banning the sale of durable goods – clothing, footwear, electronics, furniture, etc. – in supermarkets. What products are prohibited in supermarkets? the Joint Ministerial Decision (Government Gazette B ‘4946 / 10-11-2020), is prohibited during the restrictive measures in food stores and supermarkets to sell, with the exception of electronic commerce, the following products under the following Codes Activity Numbers: Computers, computer and software peripheral units (KAD 47.41), Telecommunication equipment (KAD 47.42), Audio and video equipment (KAD 47.43), Textiles (KAD 47.51), Carpets, rugs and floor and wall coverings (KAD 47.53), Electrical appliances (KAD 47.54), Furniture, lighting and other household articles use – spare parts are excluded (e.g. lamps), sweepers for household cleaning (KAD, as well as Brooms and brushes for household cleaning (KAD (KAD 47.59), Books (KAD 47.61), Toys (KAD 47.65), Clothes, with tights (KAD (KAD 47.71), Shoes and leather goods (KAD 47.72). Read HERE the relevant FEKNa note that the supermarkets will be open on Sunday, November 15 from 09:00 to 17:00. Other A similar practice is followed in France, where a decree states what can and should not be sold in supermarkets, banning the sale of clothing – footwear, toys, books, music and film and jewelry. In the United Kingdom, a directive has been issued to supermarkets do not have “non-essential items”, but to protect the spread of the coronavirus and not to protect competition. For this reason, the recommendation applies to cases where the non-essential items are located in a different area from the basic items, for example on a different floor. Follow it on Google News and find out all the news first See all the latest from Greece and the World, at

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