Supermarket: The cold brings changes in the products they will sell

Changes in the product categories that supermarkets will sell, are brought about by the change of weather. The Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, announced that due to the low temperatures expected in the coming days, supermarkets will be able to sell products that protect from the cold, noting that the permit will be given exceptionally in order for citizens to obtain the necessary Speaking to Blue Sky, he said that due to the forecast of EMY for cold in the coming days, the exception will be given the permission to sell products in supermarkets that protect from the cold. “It will be published in the Official Gazette, in view of the upcoming cold that EMY has predicted for the next three days, we will allow them to sell blankets, slippers, radiators, etc. “We will not let the world get cold,” he said. “New product codes banned from selling in supermarkets The Joint Ministerial Decision on products banned from being sold in supermarkets has been amended with the addition of industrial items.” According to the decision published today in the Government Gazette, food stores (supermarkets) are prohibited from selling, with the exception of e-commerce, the products under the following Activity Codes: a) Retail sale of computers, computer peripherals and computer peripherals in specialized stores / KAD 47.41, b) retail trade of telecommunication equipment in specialized stores / KAD 47.42, c) retail sale of audio and video equipment in specialized stores / KAD 47.43, d) retail trade in textiles, textiles, bedding (KAD, the retail trade of travel blankets and bed linen (except electric blankets) [ΚΑΔ47.51.51.17] and the retail trade of duvets (KAD47.51.51.29) / KAD 47.51, e) retail trade of carpets, rugs and floor and wall coverings in specialized stores / KAD 47.53, 16.11.2020 f) retail trade of electrical appliances with home appliances, except for the retail trade of plugs, sockets and other appliances for the interruption or protection of electrical circuits not registered elsewhere [π.δ.κ.α.](KAD, the retail trade of electric heating resistors (KAD, the retail trade of electric blankets (KAD, the retail trade of electric indoor and ground heating devices (KAD16.54) KAD 47.54, g) retail sale of furniture, lighting and other household goods in specialized stores, excluding spare parts (eg light bulbs), retail cleaning of household sweepers (KAD, retail trade of vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners for household cleaning (KAD, as well as the retail trade of household gas appliances (KAD / KAD 47.59, h) retail of books in specialized stores / KAD 47.61, i) every retail trade in toys specialized stores / KAD 47.65, j) retail trade of clothes in specialized stores, with the exception of tights (KAD, the retail trade of men’s or boys’ coats, short coats, hoods, coats, anoraks waterproof, windproof and similar items (KAD, the retail trade of women’s or girls’ coats, short coats, caps, cloaks, anorak, waterproof, windproof and similar items (KAD and leather goods in specialized stores, with the exception of the retail trade of footwear (KAD / KAD 47.72.Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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