Superleague: Open to change protocol

Asteras Tripolis-Volos. And of course tomorrow ARIS-AEK. Two of the seven matches of the 8th game of the Super League, which are included in the list of open obligations together with the others. They were postponed after the successive cases in the rosters of the guests. It is a small pity if one considers that we could not even have a championship in this lockdown 2. On the other hand, the account “swells”. And anyway from one point and then the problem that will be created is practical. When will the “postponed” Super League matches take place, which are many despite the fact that in midweek the organizer is trying to collect the numbers. The following are pending: AEK-Olympiacos (1st), Asteras Tripolis-Apollon Smyrni (3rd) AEL-ARIS (6th), Apollon Smyrnis-Lamia (6th), PAOK-Olympiacos (6th), and of course the two of the current weekend. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. PAOK-Olympiacos data goes for 2021. And since the second wave of epidemic is now showing its teeth? It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. As long as the teams travel, etc. On Monday, for example, many people leave to go to their national teams. The previous two windows showed that the nationals were in trouble. The example of Olympiakos with Mandy Kamaras and along the way with Usaino Ba and Hilal Sundani is typical. What does the Super League protocol say about the postponement of a match? How to prepare, the teams undergo a test. If one or two cases are found then the test is repeated the next day. If he wins then we have no matches. This protocol was formed at the end of May when the teams left lockdown 1 to train and on the way back to the championship. But then the first wave of the epidemic was over. At that time we still counted the cases in dozens. We now count in the thousands. So a question automatically arises? Is the current protocol compatible with the current conditions? UEFA tells its teams that if they have 13 players available (as long as one is necessarily a goalkeeper) then they should play normally in the European Cups. It has formed two lists for each club, A and B (where it consists essentially of the K-19 players). 40-45 players are registered. And if there are thirty cases in a team, the confederation is clear: Come in and play. He is not so much interested in the quality of the games as in their conduct. And the teams agree. In Greece, when there are now thousands of cases on a daily basis, is it possible to continue with the protocol that talks about 3 cases with the ambition that the season will develop normally? The report says that the teams are already in trouble. And that is exactly why they are expected to make their moves in the coming week. To sit at the table with the infectious disease specialists. And to see what can be done, if it can be done, etc. Could the solution of 13 players be adopted in Greece as well? I think that yes and the best that the Super League has to do is to convince the health authorities that finally decide, to give their consent. Otherwise the ball will be lost. Because even if we assume that there are dates for the postponed matches, it is difficult to keep the interest of the people for a championship, where no one knows when the teams are playing! The people have necessarily stopped going to the stadium. If he does not know when he will watch the matches on TV, how can he watch our championship? The question is not rhetorical. On Tuesday, Panathinaikos played with Apollon and on Wednesday it became PAS – AEL. Most did not know it. Surely they do not know that Asteras Tripolis-Smyrni is also set for 25/11. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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