Superleague and lockdown 2: All the answers you need to know

In recent weeks, the coronavirus situation seems to be out of control with the government and infectious disease specialists looking for solutions, and even immediately. The spread of coronavirus cases, the rapid increase in ICUs and the widespread spread of the virus in many areas have brought the country one step closer to a global lockdown, with the government taking new emergency measures to prevent this. become dramatic within the next 15 days and the closer the cases go the closer the second lockdown is. Information even states that it is not excluded to take place even before November 9. So, unfortunately, if all this is verified and the lockdown comes, the question is what will happen to the Superleague and the league in general. What happens in the general and what in the local lockdown But let’s start from the beginning. In case the government gets to the point of proceeding with a general lockdown, then the championship is stopped. The teams are quarantined with the hope that it will be only 14 days. If something similar happens in March, of course the training will stop. In the total lockdown, the data is simple. And clearly. Apart from the general lockdown, there is also the local one, which has already entered into force in Greece in areas such as Kastoria and Serres. From tomorrow, the areas of Larissa and Thessaloniki are expected to enter the same process. This means that these areas are at level 4 in terms of cases. The question is what happens in the Superleague, if the teams based in these areas (PAOK, Aris, AEL) stop their obligations or continue. This of course will depend on the Superleague but also after special consultation with EODYY and the government. As we speak, logic says that if the teams have negative coronavirus tests before the matches, they will be able to play. But it will depend. The only sure thing is that it is not excluded that something similar to what happened last week in the championship. Not all matches should be played and the “safe” teams should play. So teams from areas with local lockdown may not compete for as long as needed. Of course, at the moment the text is being written, nothing is a given and nothing is valid regarding postponements in the Superleague. The most important thing that will definitely be considered is that the dates do not come out already and in case of lockdown it will not be easy to get out, as of course the revenues in the PAE which in case of interruption will be reduced considerably. The dates and the example of abroad Good or bad margins had narrowed from the first moment in terms of dates. Not only in Greece but all over Europe. So if in our country there is indeed a lockdown then available dates will be minimal. And this if the “closing” is only for two weeks, because if it goes more simply; it does not come out. The Greek championship ends on May 16 and the Euro starts on June 11, which means that there is no room for new definitions. And in order to exist, UEFA must also help. But also the government. This means that the lockdown will simply put football and the PAE in a difficult position. The only way to avoid a very serious problem for both the league and the teams is the scenario that follows in advanced football countries. Germany and France, for example, are leading the way and are a stepping stone that Greece could follow. If of course the experts agree, since everything depends on them. So if we assume that Greece and the Superleague follow this example then it is simple. A team in a city with a lockdown, has declared a second seat in a city that is also in the same status, will be able to declare a third seat in another city. , to reduce their number, but also the tests to be even more frequent. Definitely not easy but it is possible at least if there is a lockdown, so that the clubs do not face sustainability problems. In Germany and France until today this scenario is going well. In the “handset” the teams of the Superleague At the moment there is no information from the organizing authority and the 7th match is going to be normal, since of course there are no cases in teams. Of course, the 14 Superleague clubs are waiting for a new update from the League about the cases, since it has not been clarified what will happen to teams that have positive players. Logic says that there will be no total lockdown yet, so nothing changes for this weekend, but given that the League must issue a new protocol regarding the conduct of the matches. on Tuesday awaiting responses to the cases. For example, Aris or Apollo have cases and their games were postponed to the 6th game. Now, a week later, if they have the same number of cases, are their matches being played normally or is there a postponement again? These are the unanswered questions so far, which have not been answered and which the teams are waiting to find out. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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