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Eighty years since that morning of October 28th. What we learned at school, we sang at the student parties, we read in the “Little Hero” that the kiosk had kept for us, we saw in the cinema – in a technical version, with Vougiouklaki, Karezi, Laskari dressed and combed with his 1970s “Pasted” in the background of 1940. But mostly, this morning and what followed, it was saved as a family souvenir in the photo album, in the box of cookies where the grandmother kept the letters of her brother who never returned from Albania. , in the stories we grew up with. Even to that childish “bobblehead”: “Do not leave a single bite of your food because it will be re-occupied and we will not have to eat” – it took me years to realize that world peace did not depend on the strength of my palate. Eighty years is a short historical time. This makes this national anniversary an almost living memory. I think, for example, that all the years that have passed since my adulthood today, more or less, had passed since that October 28th. I realize how close this date was to our grandparents when they were telling us “stories from the occupation”. It is like us young people talking about the frantic years of PASOK in the 1980s. The “lost spring” of a generation In the years that followed that childish fear that if I did not dip my bread in the “saliva” of okra, the Commandatur and Merlin Detention Centers, the anniversary and what marked the 28th of October moved in a wide range of references. From the films of James Paris to the narrative structured by the Left that the National Resistance was exclusively its own affair and now sounds as graphic as the films of Paris. That morning in October 1940, in fact, a special generation was formed. I felt it once again reading on Saturday, in the “Faces” of “NEON” memories of important people from that day. 15-year-old Mikis (Theodorakis) in Tripoli, 11-year-old Anastasios (Giannoulatos, Archbishop of Albania) in Kypseli, 12-year-old Athena (Kakouri) in Patras, 12-year-old Titos (Patrikios) in Spetses, 14-year-old Eleni (Arveni) Nana (Mouskouri) in Koukaki, the 6-year-old Vassilis (Vasilikos) in Kavala but also hundreds, thousands of Vangelides, Dimitrides, Nikolakides, Marakia, Annoules all over Greece, people different from each other, with different paths in their later life, connected with red thread of history. It is the generation that spent its childhood and adolescence in the severe deprivation of the occupation and the tornado of the Civil War, which lost the spring of its youth in the ruins of a country but which managed to build a homeland of well-educated children, a new Greece for which today we, the well-educated children, are proud of. They and we were always irritated by the phrase “We in your years had nothing”. Times change and a key indicator of positive change is prosperity. However, tomorrow is a good opportunity for us, the younger ones, to reflect on the utopia of our whining because the mask oppresses us, we get depressed because we have to get home early, we feel miserable because we will not say goodbye. And to think that during the Occupation Koun started the Art Theater, Seferis wrote the Deck Diaries, Elytis the Sun the First, Kazantzakis the Zorbas and Ritsos the Romiosyni. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all Latest News from Greece and the World, at

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