Substantive measures now for Universities

The country’s universities are at war. Their “internal” terrorism, the one that our society used to cultivate, is now threatening lives. For twenty-two years (I watch the education report) violence is part of the universities, often the schools, with the Tolerance of all. Governments. They never showed real determination, but spent a number of years in the word game “abolish – I do not abolish” asylum, something we see now was more of a game of impressions. With the greatest responsibility to the governments of the left, which nurtured a “monster”, because they could never take a clear stand against it. Note here that for a year we are waiting for a new Framework Law for universities from the current leadership of the Ministry of Education ( which would also include custody issues) but for some strange reason, this law is considered inferior to all other legislation that is diligently drafted.University. They used to tolerate violence. Many of their leaders used their good relations with extremist students (especially in the past when they voted) to get elected or refused to make brave decisions against them, because they aimed for a future political career and did not want to “break” eggs “with no political space (I exclude here the victim of the latest heinous act, the current rector of the Athens University of Economics, who had taken over in just two months, with plans and program to change the university and bring it out to society ). Of course, some rectors, who did not belong to the above categories, thought, and worried, that the interventions of the authorities in Institutions where there are usually students, could lead to other types of risks. In some cases, they showed no real inclination to get involved. Maybe because they usually had contradictory orders. In the past, rectors called the authorities after incidents of violence (I have a number of such cases recorded in my newsletter), but there were cases where one of their representatives did not show up in time. , students abused their professors, stopped Senate meetings, built offices, beat rectors. I will never forget the beating of the revered Christos Kittas, former rector of the University of Athens. articulate a logical conversation to any question they address. What kind of people were they really? And in what society did they grow up? They had in front of them a respectable, great man and they treated him with incredible violence. What people were the ones who entered the Athens University of Economics and Business yesterday? They had in front of them a calm and kind man and behaved like animals. And yet: some of them were students. Always, some of them are students. What would a decisive leadership do? It would institute a university guard body and an entry card that would be controlled with special machines for those who enter or leave them. In Institutions that have a forest and a large plain, a corresponding control in all the entrance buildings. The weakest (because they probably did not care much) was towards the university community of the country. Let us not forget: The universities of Greece are scientifically worthy, they can do great things. They have proven their worth through their researchers and sciences. So the time is now: Take action. With political consent. No impressive measures. Substance measures. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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