Stormy PAOK, upset within 13 minutes (4-1)

A PAOK terrorist, leveled Eindhoven in the field of Toumba, scoring four goals all in the second half taking the three points of victory climbing to the second place of his group for the Europa League. Dikefalos found them dark in the first half and back to the score in the 21st minute with a well-aimed penalty kick by Zahavi. The changes at the beginning of the second half and Swab’s quick goal were what changed the image of the match. Thessaloniki scored three more goals with the top scorer of the match A. Zivkovic (56 ‘& 66’), but also with the “mister assist” Tzolis (58 ‘). more impressive against a fairly good and strong team that was not affected by the absences. Thus began the two teams Pablo Garcia in a 4-3-3 formation chose to start the game with Zivkovic under the beams. In their defense, Rodrigo, Varela, Crespo and Giannouli. In the midfield are Swab, Augusto and El Kaddouri. Zolak is at the top of the attack and A. Zivkovic and Biseswar are on the wings. The coach of the Dutch teams, who counts dozens of absences, started with Embogo under the beams. In the defense from right to left are Teze, Sangare, Bosali and Mach. In the midfield, Thomas and Rosario, the duo of central midfielders, with Goethe on the right and Ihataren on the left. While Zahavi and Malen were an attacking duo. He studied him and put him in a difficult position. Eindhoven came to Toumba with a dozen playing problems, but on the field the many and important absences did not appear for the Dutch team. The guests seemed to have studied PAOK very well in the way they attack. So, apart from the suffocating pressing, there were many traps every time a Biceps player had possession of the ball. Especially from the “good” side of the home team on the left. Dimitris Giannoulis suffered a lot until he was unmarked. The game may have been split and had a good pace, but both teams could not easily reach the opponents frames by passing the ball to the large area. In front of the score PSV was once made by PSV and the win was a penalty with Swab to find Malen low and the Polish referee to show the white ball. In the 21st minute, Zahavi set the ball and scored, putting his team ahead. The Dutch team that played with more confidence continued at the same pace with PAOK finding them dark. Diego Biseswar from the left side is missing. Every time he got the ball on his feet he showed that he could not manage it. All that the Black and Whites could do was from the feet of A. Zivkovic. Z. Zivkovic saved him. In the 41st minute, Eindhoven could score a second goal and “lock” the victory from the first half. After a mistake by Kantouri, Sangare kicked Zahavi four to four with Zivkovic. The 33-year-old midfielder tried to pass the ball under the feet of the Serbian goalkeeper. The latter realized the phase and temporarily interrupted with Varelas who was chasing the ball before it reached the goal. Zivkovic changed the ball with Swab, but instead of attempting the shot, he moved it to the left to Biseswar, with the Dutchman delaying following the ball with Mvogo coming out of the goal and blocking it. The transformation In the second half, Pablo Garcia made two changes together, refreshing PAOK’s offensive line with Biseswar and Tsolak giving their place to Jolis and Sfinderski. The hosts in the 47th minute brought the games to a close with Swab finding nets correcting the mistake he made in the penalty phase. After a foul, Tzolis tried to transfer the ball to the frame of the Dutch defense with Boscagli with a header initially to remove. Andrija Zivkovic takes the rebound and kicks the ball away from the area. Swab made the projection by changing its course with it ending up in the nets of Mogo’s home. He leveled it. high, stealing the ball. The Pole took the right for Zivkovic with the Serb making his classic move, bringing the ball to the left and with an excellent shot defeated Mvogo. Two minutes later came the third goal with Tzolis making a great race, finding the space and with an excellent shot from the right made it 3-1. PAOK, which was level on the pitch, also scored a fourth goal with A. Zivkovic in the 66th minute. with an excellent shot defeated Mvogo for the second time raising the score to 4-1. The “key”: Swab’s quick goal in the 47th minute was what triggered PAOK’s counterattack in the game and for a comfortable victory .10th: Andrija Zivkovic was one of the top players of PAOK. The Serbian striker was involved in the first goal, while he scored the second and fourth goals of his team. On the bench: For another, Antonio Colak was below average. The Croatian striker took another chance but did not take advantage of it. Why coach: The good face that Eindhoven showed in the first half did not have a similar continuity in the second half. The visitors seemed to have lost them and nothing came of them on the pitch resulting in them collapsing like a paper tower Referee: Daniel Stefanski, was close to all phases did not face any problems and went unnoticed by the game. PAOK – PSV Eindhoven 4 -1Goals: 21 ‘Zahavi (pen), 47’ Swab, 56 ‘& 66’ A. Zivkovic, 58 ‘TzolisYellow: 18’ AugustRed: – Stadium: TOUBAS Referee: Daniel Stefanski (Poland) Igor Golis (Poland) Fourth Referee: Damien Silvestrak PAOK: Z. Zivkovic, Rodrigo, Varela, Crespo, Giannoulis (71 ‘Lyratzis), Swab, Augusto, El Kaddouri (80’ Tsigvaras M) (46 ‘Tsolis), Colak (46’ Sfinderski). PSV Eindhoven: Embogo, Teze, Sangare (83 ‘Lentesma), Bosali, Mach, Thomas (58’ Mandueke), Rosario, Getze (83 ‘Saibarne), Maharo Junior), Zahavi, Malen. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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