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Stefanos Korkolis gave moving moments to the MEGA viewers yesterday through the music show “House with MEGA”. The great composer once again managed to combine emotion with fun and his concert due to the corona turned into a wonderful celebration. for all of us. With him on this wonderful night were distinguished guests, people who have sung melodies or admire him deeply. “I am very happy because an evening begins and we have the opportunity through MEGA to meet again. “Music Stories”, which is the title of the concert you will attend, are about my own music stories, about songs I have written for great performers, songs I have performed in the 90’s, songs of other performers that I have loved as my own . Fortunately, we managed to shoot at the wonderful Municipal Theater of Piraeus, because now we are closed again. The notes and the music can be transferred safely “, said Stefanos Korkolis at the beginning of the night. Then he played the magic” Sensitivities “on his piano in his own composition. Constantly next to the piano Sofia Manousaki The young Sofia Manousaki, one of the best new generation performers took to the stage of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus. Next to her mentor – as she describes him – Stefanos Korkoli, Sofia Manousaki performed traditional pieces, but great successes that we have all loved. The talented singer sang her way “Aretousa” (excerpt from “Erotokritos”), “Anthropon Erga” and “Trito Stefani” by Stamatis Kraounakis, as well as the legendary “Hit the road Jack” by Ray Charles. Manousaki also gave us her own brand new “Vardia”, a song that we heard on the first TV broadcast and bears the signature of the great composers Nikos Antipas and Gerasimos Evangelatos. With its exceptional tone and interpretation Sofia Manousaki travels us to a “fresh” and dynamic piece, with rich musical elements masterfully tied by Nikos Antipas, one of the emblematic and renowned forms of contemporary Greek music and confessional lyrics by Gerasimos Evangelatos, the most successful lyricist of his generation. Stefanos Korkolis and Sofia Manousaki then performed “Every time you look at me” with lyrics by Rebecca Roussi and “In the five winds” with lyrics by Ifigenia Giannopoulou. “My collaboration with Stefanos K Stefanos 2014. Our first record was two double cds in works by Mikis Theodorakis, which became gold in very difficult times, and immediately after the composition he did in Cavafy’s poems, where he trusted me and chose me to be his main performer project. I hope and wish that we are together both in concert and on the record because he is a man who has knowledge and experience in the field of music. I wish to have him by my side and to advise and support me in every step of my music “, said Sofia Manousaki about Stefanos Korkolis. Eleni Dimou, an old friend Eleni Dimou, an excellent singer and friend of Stefanos Korkolis gave to MEGA viewers two wonderful songs from the album “Personal” of 1988 to music by Giannis Spanou. “In the 80’s, while I am in Paris, I come to Greece and orchestrate songs by colleagues. Eleni Dimou comes and suggests that we go to Spanos to suggest that I orchestrate ‘Personally’. I thank her very much because her generosity brought me other jobs but also because I met Giannis Spanos “revealed Stefanos Korkolis, before welcoming her on stage.” I love his talent and I admire his classic education “stressed Eleni Dimou, who He sang “Personal” and “Birthday Song” uniquely. D3LTA from London “D3LTA is a case of a British rocker. He grew up in London and has all this kindness physiognomically. The contrast is that he is so rock, that I think this combination has already made him popular abroad. Apart from being talented, he is also a sweet child. I think that you will like it and it will enter your hearts and you will look for it, because it is time for it to become known in Greece as well “, said Stefanos Korkolis when he welcomed D3LTA on the stage of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus. The young talented artist then performed favorites rock hits like “Friday I’m in love and Sweet Home Alabama.” I must have been 8-9 years old listening to a concert he had done and listening to Scorpio. I was very excited, not only playing the piano, but also the reaction of the audience. Stefanos Korkolis has made great collaborations, such as with Metallica or the Scorpions. I would very much like to work with him, it would be my honor “, D3LTA said about Stefanos Korkolis. Andrianna Babalis: The sweetest part of his life” Andrianna is like she came out of a fairy tale. she has a unique color in her voice, an incredible musicality and it all comes from within her. It is the sweetest part of my life. It is a relationship that we say how much a friend you can be with someone without seeing him every day “said the composer for Andrianna Babali. The melodic singer sang the song” The Magic Key “with Stefanos Korkolis at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus. A song written years ago by Stefanos Korkolis, with lyrics by Paraskeva Karasoulou and sung by Maria Dimitriadis. Makedona “” Costas Makedonas is for me one of the few male voices we have today that can really give this something more to what is called Greek song. We are very friends, we have not collaborated on the record yet. I am reluctant to write to him and I think it will happen very soon. Today, Costas will sing songs that have been heard by female voices and will give you a picture of what my collaboration with him can be “, said Stefanos Korkolis welcoming Costas Makedonas on the stage of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus. Costas Makedonas then performed with his special voice “You are not here” with lyrics by Paraskeva Karasoulou and music by Stefanos Korkolis. A special piece, the music of which was written by Stefanos Korkolis was performed by the famous artist. Stefanos Korkolis and their parallel course, while he wished to cooperate in the future. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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