Stamatis Kraounakis: “From Mega to people’s homes”

Stamatis Kraounakis and I meet during a break in his rehearsal for “House with Mega”. Strange but this year the great composer is being chased by… houses. From his home in Kallithea he wrote his new album entitled “Celebration at Home”. His live shows throughout the previous period were entitled “Homemade concerts” since with all the measures, it was spread in houses and places all over Greece. And now he enters Mega’s house for a show full of songs and emotions, in the most successful TV project of the days of the pandemic. The Municipal Theater of Piraeus will be the setting for a few hours to set up a celebration. And next to the exuberant creator will pass a series of important artists: Vitali, Mitsias, Kelekidou, Delivorias as guests in a bunker of memories, joy and emotion. It will be the first Saturday that apart from seeing you on TV… The first Saturday there is catering, going out, theater, cinema. I will welcome with great love this initiative of Mega and that it goes on Saturday. And to point out the names of two people who, knowing that they are coming to one in quotes “non-systemic artist”, rang my bell for this proposal. Two wonderful children: Antonis Dimitriadis and Iosif Vourakis from the Municipality of Piraeus. They came with a lot of love and respect to my repertoire and I think we organized something very good. They listened to me, we simplified the action a lot, they play our lampshades from our home concerts and all the singers who will come will sing their own songs from the wide repertoire, but you will also see a moment from each or everyone that will not be predictable… So let’s say who they will be. Who surrounds you? We are first and foremost a music group. With Manos Achalinotopoulos, Nikos Katsikis, Vaios Prappas, Dimitris Andreadis, George Tamiolakis, Elias Papantoniou and Lambros Papanikolaou. In order of appearance now: George Stivanakis, Sakis Karathanasis, Christos Gerontidis, Costas Bougiotis. And: Kelly Kelekidou, Manolis Mitsias, Eleni Vitali and Phoebus Delivorias. I think that with the whole team we created a very nice atmosphere in the rehearsal. I have space to liberate and be the home of the people who will see us. That is the goal. You operate in homes these days. What is it like to be out there, in contact with the world, in performances for so many decades and now in this condition? We have not changed anything. With this medium – television – I have no issue. I go into the camera and work. It reminds me a bit of a movie by Kaourismaki. That made outdoor spaces as if they were indoor. There is this element in the picture as well. Talking to the director, Dimitris Tsigos, I tell him “we have a pink kitchen, put it”, an office, we put a garden. We worked tenderly. How would you describe the Municipal Theater of Piraeus? This theater, because it was built by a huge theatrical man, Dimitris Rontiris – I always want to mention him – has the most beautiful energy and gel in Greece. Behind it will be the empty theater lit up, but this is the quarantine, the pause we live in. What do you remember from Mega? I remember Festive with the “Three Graces” that had become unfortunate. They are auditioning for the episode, very nice script, he tore. I remember a scene with Anna Panayotopoulou who was so goddess when she was blaming us that we did it twenty times, shooting from laughter! I remember another episode, for “7 mothers-in-law”, where I had the title song and a scene with Vicky Stavropoulou who died laughing in a grocery store in Agios Dionysis in Piraeus. In Mega I also have “How much I love you” written for “Maria the Ugly”. I think grand sux. Without fear I will say it, it was the channel I always preferred. Now I really like Dora Anagnostopoulou. Do you also feel an obligation to the audience? It shows me its love in every way in every episode of my life. Imagine that my new CD is called a record by everyone. As before. What will we hear? Will you say from the album? A lot. But we also say artist repertoires. Thirty songs. And we have an unpredictable moment. I asked Mitsias – he came to my rehearsal – to say “The time is coming”. Why? This is the moment when this song sounds very strange, because what the lyrics say is missing more than ever in our lives. It needs the songs the world? Yes. One of the last nights at Gazarte, with all the bans, I was left speechless by their generosity. What is the song about the Greek? Its main celebration since ancient times. With Vitali for “Medea”. With Delivorias more recently on his roof. With Phoebus we did the song live on his roof. I have to say that it was directly the first thing from the album that people loved, an experiential track. What do you keep from everyone? Mitsias is the favorite of the creators. Vitali, the voice of the Greek land. Delivorias, the poet urban troubadour. What should the world save from this collective adventure? Language, sense of landscape and personal landscape. And contact with his God even if he is an atheist. The person that comes to your mind first when opening the show? My dad. He would like it very much. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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