Staikouras: Non-refundable 50% of the 4th refundable deposit in the “red” areas

For those affected by the pandemic, the Ministry of Finance has provided a series of facilities, as confirmed by the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras. coronavirus risk (level 4). This will apply to all areas if they enter the “red”. Also, in these areas, employees can be suspended from work with full coverage of insurance contributions and a bonus of 534 euros. Freelancers and shops with up to 20 employees but also all scientific disciplines will have the possibility of special purpose compensation. In addition, there will be a suspension of VAT payment. 40% is applied to the rents. 30% of the loans are expected to be non-repayable. Regarding loans, the regulations and suspensions apply until the end of the year. He then pointed out that “we estimate a deep recession of 8.2%”, which, however, depends on the health crisis. “We will be judged on whether we can reduce the adverse effects on the citizens,” he said, adding that “we have cash available approximately equal to what we had at the beginning of the crisis.” Speaking to SKAI, the minister stressed that retroactive and heirs said Regarding the heating allowance, the Minister confirmed that it will be prepaid in December 2020, while there is a thought of extending the allowance to other forms, such as gas. However, it will not apply to firewood and pellets. , due to their impact on the environment and their use should be reduced.

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