Staikouras: Next week the amendment on checks

The Ministry of Finance provides a solution to the issue of checks with an amendment that will be included in a legislative provision with the support measures of 3.3 billion euros, which will be submitted next week. As stated by the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras, “we will legislate immediately, in the coming days “, he assured on the issue of checks, announcing at the same time that” there will be an amendment with what was announced last week and some additional provisions “. Mr. Staikouras left open the possibility of extending the payment of traffic fees, the whose posting is expected in the coming days. He stressed that “they will be sent by AADE, but we will see how the situation will develop and we will see how we will help society”. Regarding when the Christmas gift will be paid to the suspended employees, he estimated that, “we will As for the issue of the long-term unemployed, who are left out of emergency support, he explained that, for their subsidy, “there must be a correlation with the coronavirus, because that is how the EU gives money”, so to have will acquire this status in 2019. “We have been concerned about the part of the unemployed that was before”, but he clarified that, “at the moment what we announced last week is valid”. “The platform will open immediately to prejudge how last year “, he answered regarding the heating allowance. Regarding the repayable advance payment, Mr. Staikouras, speaking to ANT1, said that he” goes to the employer and the company “and expressed the expectation that the remaining money will be paid by end of November “. “In the closed businesses and the self-employed who are affected, there are thresholds, there is no deduction of 534 euros”, he said, explaining that, “when one company has received one, two returns, there must be justice for the others”. on the issue of the recession of the Greek economy, “it will be marginally over 10% with a growth of 5% in 2021”. “There is a downward revision of the reasons for the lockdown”, he noted and stressed that, “the debt will be around at 200%, but this does not play a role in debt sustainability. We are building cash, he wants a lot of attention to where we give the money “, he concluded. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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