Staikouras in the OECD: The Greek Recovery Plan emphasizes 12 axes

The importance of international cooperation in dealing with the economic impact of the health crisis, stressed the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras, during his speech at the annual ministerial meeting of the OECD, which was held via teleconference. The OECD member states will also have to face pre-existing challenges, which limit the growth dynamics, while presenting, as an example, some of the areas in which the Recovery Plan prepared by the Greek government will focus. The areas that need to be given According to the Minister, “Environmental transition, digital transformation and enhancing skills and productivity are areas that need to be prioritized.” In addition, reducing inequalities and combating poverty are essential in order to ensure success of our efforts “At the same time, new challenges that have emerged during the current crisis, such as the need to strengthen public health systems, should also be areas in which recovery efforts will focus.” Referring to Greece, the minister noted that additional challenges are the strengthening the business environment, diversifying the production structure, promoting productivity through investment and innovation, and increasing employment. The 12 axes of the Greek plan. He added that the Recovery Plan will emphasize, among other things, the following axes: * Increasing the use of renewable energy sources, * Increasing energy efficiency, mainly through a wave of building renovations, * Reforms and investments that improve water management, as well as solid and water waste, * Digitization of the public sector and enlargement of digital technologies from the private sector, * Enhancing connectivity, through highly advanced networks, * Improving labor market efficiency, through vocational training and retraining programs, * Strengthening the health system, * Strengthening the tax administration and modernizing the management framework of public finances, * Improving the efficiency of the judiciary, * Improving the judiciary research and dissemination of innovation, * Reducing the bureaucratic burden on business and improving the business environment, * Improving and expanding the country’s export base. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, in

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