Spyros Kouvaras and the Synthesis group at the Roes theater

The choreographer Spyros Kouvaras and the Greek-French contemporary dance group Synt hesis 748, founded in Paris in 2008, now based in Athens, sign their new creation with the work, SISS / PHUSS: while you carry time our bodies hold history , which will be presented at the Roes Theater for 4 performances, October 26-27 and November 2-3, with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the CND-French National Dance Center in Paris and the Ioannis F. Costopoulos Foundation. international choreographer, with inter-artistic collaborations, including the CICA Museum in South Korea and the art @ CMS, CERN experiment program in Switzerland, once again creates a timeless, choreographic universe that is not limited to the real world. The play is not related to the representation of the myth of Sisyphus, but it is a work that inspires and re-evaluates this mythical form, examining the paradox born from the contradiction that it exists between the lust of the individual and the irrational silence of the world. In an awkward stage space, five bodies, with “sculptural” costumes designed by the artist Antonis Volanakis, like shock waves of an archaic momentum, reveal on their surface a world of their own fiction. These meta-mythological creatures live in fullness. of their unique existence, creating their own world, a neo-structure in terms of permanent self-institution, an urban planning of the future. Under the sounds of the electroacoustic music composition of his brother and longtime collaborator of the choreographer, George Kouvaras, the nanometric movement circuit that characterizes the choreography progressively leads from the organic energy of the body to the formation of the gesture and submits a hypnotic work with an uninterrupted aller- retour kinesiology. There, there is no abandonment. There is no end. There is always a new beginning. A new beginning, and at the same time with the beginning there is the return. The rock is still rolling…

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