Special service for the € 32 billion of the Recovery Fund

The amendment with which the independent Special Coordination Fund Coordination Service was established within the Ministry of Finance and under the direct supervision of the Deputy Minister of Finance Theodoros Skylakakis could, without a doubt, be characterized as the amendment of the overthrow. And this is mainly due to its content as it forms new, unprecedented data, which in turn require new, different behaviors in public administration and the wider government sector. Performance contract But let’s take things in order. The new independent service will have only 40 staff members, headed by a well-known value and certified senior service manager. The latter will have a three-year performance contract. The term of the manager can be renewed after the lapse of three years and until 2027, when the life of the Special Service ends. In other words, it is the first independent public service that has a fixed number of employees from the beginning and an expiration date. Let us dwell for a moment on the issue of the employees of the Special Service, whose sole purpose is to and monitoring and coordinating the implementation of programs and projects that will be funded with Recovery Fund resources to be allocated to Greece. ”The vast majority of the Service’s 40 staff (expected to establish a flexible, effective management authority for projects will be financed, with the consent of the Brussels bureaucracy, from the pool of 32 billion euros and which can “grow” in the process through complementary actions with the new NSRF) , IT specialists, lawyers, etc.) Qualifications More specifically, 35 of the 40, while 5 positions will be for secretaries in. As far as their qualifications are concerned, it has become clear from the outset – whoever does not believe, let’s read the content of the amendment – that they require, among other things, professional experience in Greece or abroad but also very good knowledge of English and especially in some cases high level scientific composition. In other words, “our children” will find the door closed and to open it they will need to prove their qualifications like everyone else, men and women. Setting goals But let’s go to the “fields” of the Commander of the Service . The latter is expected to receive the remuneration of the Secretary General and upon assuming his duties he signs a performance contract with his political superior in the Ministry of Finance, which sets qualitative and quantitative targets and which provides for an additional annual special reward (bonus) in case The total remuneration and the special reward cannot exceed a limit set from the beginning (in this case, it is 85% of the maximum limit of circumstance a ‘of par. 3 of article 28 of Law 4354 / 2015). Next to the governor there will be an office with 8 associates. According to press reports, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is said to have agreed with the proposal of competent government officials to make Nikos Mantzoufas, who comes from PPPs, the commander of the new Special Service for the Fund .Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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