Special purpose license: How it is granted in case of suspension of schools

Clarifications for the granting of the special purpose permit in case of suspension of operation of schools or child care units, as well as recommendations for the facilitation of parents in case of home confinement of the child, include a circular of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. , for employees of the private sector under the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs was extended the possibility of granting the special purpose permit of par. 3 of article 4 of 11.3.2020 Legislative Content Act (AD 55), which was ratified by the provisions of Article 2 of Law 4682/2020 (AD 76), as in force, for the entire period of the temporary suspension of operation of the units / structures of care or education, where the children are registered or attend, in accordance with the provisions of case a ‘ of paragraph 3 of the above-mentioned from 11.3.2020 Legislative Content Act and is granted under the provided conditionsfor the entire duration of the said suspension, without any other time limitation or the need to issue a new regulation for this purpose. With the number Δ1α / Γ.Π.οικ.71342 / 6.11.2020 (ΒΔ 4899 ) Joint Ministerial Decision article 1, par. 1 par. 8, “Extraordinary measures to protect public health from the risk of further spread of COVID-19 coronavirus throughout the Territory for the period from Saturday, November 7, 2020 to Monday, November 30 2020 “stipulates that the lifelong educational function of Gymnasiums, but also of other school units is suspended. Special purpose permit In the above context, for working parents of children who are enrolled or attending care / education units / structures, whose operation or lifelong educational function is suspended, if these units / structures fall under the cases of par. 3 a ‘of article 4 of the 11.3.2020 Legislative Content Act (AD 55), which was ratified by the provisions of Article 2 of Law 4682/2020 (AD 76), as in force, the provision of distance work is recommended in principle, if this is possible. If it is not possible to provide work remotely, then, according to the above-mentioned legal framework, the special purpose permit is granted as an alternative, as it is valid and in accordance with the relevant circular instructions, which have already been issued for its beneficiaries and for other individual issues. Following the circular no. 39683/1259 / 1.10.2020 “granting a special purpose permit in case of suspension of operation of school units or child care units, as well as parts thereof, due to a case of COVID-19 coronavirus”, is clarified also that the special purpose leave can be granted in case a child who attends primary school is placed under house arrest, after contact with a confirmed case within the school unit, such as part of the all-day school or specialty courses (e.g. x. French or German), which the children attend interdepartmentally, due to which the operation of the department, which monitors the child who fell ill, but also the child who is placed under house arrest, without, however, suspending the operation of the basic department in which the latter attends. In this case, schools should issue certificates to parents. It is recalled that the special purpose leave is a special three-day leave scheme followed by the granting of one day of regular annual leave, a scheme which is repeated cyclically every four days. More specifically, the first two days are granted with remuneration by the employer, the third day is subsidized by the regular budget and the fourth day is deducted from the employee’s annual regular leave. This pattern is repeated cyclically, at the request of the employee, during the temporary suspension of operation of this school or child care unit. For employees who have already exhausted the right to annual regular leave for the year 2020, it is done It is accepted that, on the fourth day of the above scheme, any other legal leave that the employee is entitled to can be declared – whether it is granted with or without pay, such as e.g. leave to monitor the school performance of children, leave due to child illness, unpaid leave. RecommendationsRecommendations for the case of home confinement of children, while the care or education unit has not suspended its operation – For cases in which the child and not the parent, due to another contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus, is required to be placed under house arrest due to emergency measures for coronavirus COVID-19 and following instructions given competently by the National Public Health Organization ( ) or by another competent public body, which immediately informs EODY, while, however, the unit / department of care or education of children has not suspended its operation, then the employee, by decision of the employer, may provides remote work for this period, if possible. – If remote work is not possible, a reasonable adjustment of his / her schedule is recommended. for the famous person in question, in order to be able to meet the care needs of the child during his / her mandatory stay at home and, if this is not possible either, then the employee may be excused from the In the latter case and as the use of the special purpose license is not justified, it is recommended, in accordance with par. 1 of article 21 of the Constitution, to make proportional application of the provision of article 15 of law 4722/2020 ( 177) for the home restraint of the employees, according to which, after the end of the home restraint (in this case of the child and not of the child himself), the employee may work half of the hours corresponding to the working hours days of stay at home for one hour per day on other working days, while the employer normally pays the total of salaries and insurance contributions, as defined in detail by the relevant provision. According to the circular, the above should be applied on the basis of good faith and good manners and business ethics, as they come to serve the purpose of ensuring public health both in the work and in the operation of care and education units. children and working parents should be facilitated in the faithful observance of the home confinement of their children. It is clarified that the above-mentioned legal regulations for the granting of special purpose leave and the relevant circulars already issued by the Ministry of Labor during the period in which, as part of the protection of public health from the risk of further spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, extraordinary and temporary measures will be adopted for the operation of these units and no new legislation or other circular is required. Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the world, at

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