Spanish Players Association: Calls for calendar changes

Basketball, among other things, is trying to survive the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the Spanish Players’ Association (ABP) issued a statement calling for immediate changes in the way the tournament is conducted, stressing that with the current data there will be serious problems during the season. ABP’s announcement in detail: “A month of action has just passed and it is rare to have a week in which no postponements are announced due to COVID-19 cases in a team. The ACB games are currently being moved to the calendar to complete the games and move on. If we look at the Euroleague, the same thing happens. Postponed matches, canceled trips, teams in quarantine. In the Euroleague ten countries are involved in their respective health situations. Maintaining the same format was not the most appropriate decision to ensure the health of the protagonists. We will all agree that crises need strong leadership to overcome them. In our sport, in a few weeks, the calendar will not be able to be completed and solutions will have to be found. The complicated crossword puzzle that will have to be solved to make all the originally scheduled matches, will test the patience of the fans, who will not know in which round or in which organization their team plays, the logistics capacity of the leagues to reschedule the matches and find free dates and, of course, the health of the players and the overload, this time even more focused on the matches, unfortunately We have a great opportunity to show our basketball friends that in addition to leadership, there is a shared responsibility for all those who carry out this difficult task. In these months, being responsible is not just about saving your job and that no one can tell you anything. The protocol implemented in the final phase of ACB in Valencia proved to be effective thanks to the help and participation of players , clubs and doctors, a resounding success was achieved. BCL by adapting the calendar managed to protect the event by offering the necessary flexibility. This shows that calendar and formats are not fixed and unchanging structures. The quality of basketball is also proven by its ability to adapt to great moments like the ones we experience. ā€¯Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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