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Maybe it’s just my impression. But I feel that the country has stumbled somewhere and is not moving forward unhindered. The policy levels to which these comments relate are many. Let’s start with the front of the pandemic. Just last June, the degree of dispersal in the community had almost reached zero. Since then we have started to open the borders. With algorithm models based in countries with rather negative experiences in dealing with the virus. Tourists came in with sampling checks and were allowed to move inside freely before any results came out. Then we located the positives where they were, without control of their contacts until then! Measures were taken from time to time, but without serious control of their implementation. And some, such as the metropolitan of Corfu, who urged people to disobey government orders to reduce cases, were acquitted by the court. The rallies were banned and yet outside the courts there were rallies of pressure from the Judiciary for decisions in accordance with the sentiments of the gathered (Golden Dawn, death of Costopoulos). Violating every sanitary rule, but also the principles of the rule of law. assassination of the French professor, who sacrificed himself in his attempt to fight for a key European value. That is, the right to freedom of expression. Do we really want these values ​​to be dominant in our society and in those of the West? How is it possible, if this is true, to have mobilizations and fiery articles about so-called Islamophobia and opposition to immigrants? When exactly does the contempt for the most fundamental Western democratic values ​​come from? And the government seems to be distancing itself from these, mainly cultural, battles. Essentially turning a blind eye to every similar whim of the Left. Why does such a thing happen? The Left collapsed electorally after its destructive long tenure in government. The opportunity was unique to unleash its hegemony on ideas and social values. But this does not happen. And there is a phobia towards its now unsupported principles and declarations. Instead of proudly cultivating our belief in a society where people are free to make their own choices, to make mistakes, and to be generous and creative, we still believe in the ethics of a political environment where, as Margaret Thatcher put it, “the state “He is responsible for everything and no one is responsible for the state.” The bureaucracy continues to reign, the KKE and the Bahalakis to be arbitrary and the Prime Minister to declare that he is not a neoliberal !! As Karl Popper said, our society must be based on tolerance. But with limits. If these are overcome, in favor of those who have no tolerance, we will face the “paradox of tolerance”. A society of arbitrary oppression. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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