Solidarity contribution: Abolished for one year

The solidarity contribution is abolished for one year as the relevant provision is to be submitted to the Parliament. The special solidarity contribution is charged to every natural person who has an annual total personal income of more than 12,000 euros from all sources and is imposed in stages rates of 2.2% -10%. The solidarity contribution The abolition of the solidarity contribution will concern the incomes obtained in 2020 from self-employment, rents, dividends, agricultural activity. 2021. For private sector employees, the relief will be seen from the very first month of 2021, in the January payroll, as the special solidarity contribution is deducted from the monthly salary. Read also: Presumptions – Nine out of 10 taxpayers declared up to 10,000 civil servants and retirees earning income from another source, e.g. from rent, they will have a tax benefit in 2021. With the liquidation of their tax return they will find that they will pay a lower solidarity contribution for their income as it will be calculated only for the income resulting from the salary or the pension and not for the income For example, a civil servant with an income of 20,000 euros from paid services and 15,000 euros from rent will be charged in 2021 with a solidarity contribution only for the part of his income related to paid services and will save payment of rent for the rent he will receive this year. And new arrangements for debts The new arrangements concerning the debts that were created during the quarantine period and give the taxpayers a second chance to re-enter into arrangements that they lost but also to “break” their debts in more installments will be activated by the end of October, when The current month’s installment must be paid by those who lost the arrangements (100 or 120 installments) in which they had joined. According to the new framework with the outbreak of the coronavirus, the current tax obligations “froze” for all those affected and the period Suspension of their payment extends until April 2021. Natural and legal persons with unregulated debts to the Tax Administration, which were created during the period March – June 2020, can be regulated, from May 2021, in 12 interest-free installments or in 24 installments, with an interest rate of 2.5%. Also, those taxpayers who have been financially affected by the pandemic and have lost, for any reason regulation Debt settlement or out-of-court settlement between March and September 2020, can continue to pay the regulation normally from October 2020. The installments that have not been paid in the meantime are added at the end as surplus. For all taxpayers who have lost the regulation from November 1, 2019 onwards, and to whom it is forbidden to re-arrange their debts, the gates of integration in the permanent arrangement of 24 or 48 installments are opened.

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