Smartwatches ‘predict coronavirus cases’

Data collected by smart wristwatches and other sensors to monitor athletic performance could be used to predict coronavirus infection, according to a reputable US institute. Preliminary results from the large Detect study smartwatch or smartwatches, showed that the analysis of sleep and physical activity data predicts 80% accuracy of Covid-19 infection in those who report suspicious symptoms. The technique “recognizes cases more successfully than the evaluation of “The findings are published in the prestigious Nature Medicine. study and downloaded an app that collects data one for sleep, physical activity levels and heart rate, as well as self-reports of suspicious symptoms ,. It was found that the deviation of the measurements from the normal levels of each volunteer is a reliable prognostic indicator of infection. For example, coronavirus infection has been found to be associated with increased sleep duration and decreased activity levels. Digital Signal “The exciting thing about this study is that we now have a confirmed digital signal for Covid-19. The next step will be to use this signal to prevent the spread of epidemics, “said Eric Topol, executive director of Scripps Research.” About 100 million Americans already use portable surveillance devices or smartphones. To use the app we need only a small percentage of these people, about 1 or 2 percent, “he added. Of the 30,529 volunteers in the study, about one-tenth reported symptoms through the app, but only 54 participants tested positive for coronavirus with laboratory tests. The researchers’ algorithm correctly guessed 80% of the cases, a rate that “is a significant improvement over other models that evaluate self-reports of symptoms,” the researchers said. “The prognostic model developed in the Detect study will could one day help health authorities identify outbreaks in a timely manner. It could also encourage potentially affected people to undergo immediate diagnostic tests and, if necessary, self-isolate themselves. ” If you live in the US you can sign up here. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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