Simoes: “With a winning mentality in all matches, I feel very good at AEK”

Andre Simoes overcame the injury problem he was facing and is ready for tomorrow (22/11) match against AEL. The Portuguese midfielder spoke to NOVA’s camera about the… mountain that the Union has in front of it with the consecutive games. He also referred to the difficult situations that the team experienced with the coronavirus, while he also spoke about the support he enjoys from the people of AEK. Regarding the situation with the coronavirus and the many cases in AEK: “It was a difficult period. In our misfortune we were lucky because the interruption period fell. The team is now working normally. We are here and we are training. It was a complicated situation because of our families that we had to take care of double and triple “. About how he feels about his return after the injury:” I feel very well. This interruption helped me to make the right recovery. The injury is a thing of the past, I am ready and I hope to make a start after the break with victories “. On whether he considers that AEK is now in a better situation compared to the period before the break:” It is a complicated period, it is a… mountain with a series of races in a short time. We will try as in the previous period, that is, to enter with the mentality of the winner. We have to manage it as we know it to achieve the best possible. “For how difficult it was to see Sakhof and Kristic play non-stop in every game due to the absences that existed:” It was a difficult period. When you are injured you feel uncomfortable because you can not help. The children did very well due to the absence of the players. Now we return with Galanopoulos and Simanski and the team is stronger. Sakhov and Kristic proved that they can help the team and now it is positive that there is a healthy competition to claim a place in the starting lineup. “For the match against AEL:” It is a difficult game. Whenever we have a home match we have victory in mind. AEL is trying to close in on us, but we know very well what we have to do by entering with the right mentality to get the three points “. About how he receives the love of the people:” It is flattering to feel the support of the people, but also for my teammates. I feel very good at AEK. I feel affection. When I am in Portugal I miss Greece and vice versa. I do not know where my house is. We are maturing with my family, it is a nice feeling. I feel very good and what I can say is that I always give my best, I try to integrate the new players in the team and to continue together. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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