Sheikh Su forest “heals” after bark-eating insect invasion

The Greek Agricultural Organization “Dimitra” finds a natural regeneration of the suburban forest of Thessaloniki in Sheikh Sou, after the removal of the trees that were infected by the bark-eating insect. “In the places where the dead and infected trees were removed. […] natural regeneration comes out. This is a sign that the forest needed to come to the right “proportion” in order to grow even better. “Nature is slowly taking on its task,” Dimitris Avtzis, a specialist in Forest Entomology and Forest Protection at the ELGO-Dimitra Forest Research Institute in Thessaloniki, told APE-MPE. now actions but also those planned for the next period in Sheikh Shu will “bring the forest in balance” as long as “proper management started in 2019” continues. At least 3,500 acres of forest were infected in 2019 by the beetle Tomicus piniperda, which opens galleries in the wood to lay his eggs. The hatching larvae feed on the bark, the vessels of the trees that carry the products of photosynthesis from the foliage to the roots. Tomicus piniperda is endemic to Europe, northwest Africa and South Asia, but has also spread to North America. where it destroys large areas of pine trees. Aerial spraying on pine caterpillars On Tuesday, Sheikh Sou forest was sprayed with air to fight another insect infesting the pines, in collaboration with the Air Force (359MAEDT). Thaumetopoea pityocampa caterpillars crawl on the ground in a series of “Aerial sprays are intended to reduce the population potential of these insects as it is a toxin, which when in contact with human skin causes eczema “said Mr. Avtzis. bacillus, a biological preparation “notes the researcher of ELGO-Dimitra. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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