Shareholders united for the… take-off of the Euroleague

There may have been concerns about the postponed matches and the fact that the coronavirus is leaving its mark on Euroleague pitches, but the organizers’ shareholders appeared united for the future and determined to support their efforts and investments. And to take off even better the best event in Europe. No one complained, no one was worried, no one was pessimistic. And no one talked about the coronavirus. A part of the new business plan was presented, which includes new sponsors, many improvements and ways to make the event even more competitive. In fact, during the day, there is expected to be an official position from the Euroleague, in which the good atmosphere and the optimistic messages that come after the teleconference of the shareholders will become clear. With the message to be clear: everyone moves forward in order to… take off even more an event that has made great strides and that people have embraced like no other basketball event. This is the main message that exists among the shareholders. The love of the people for the Euroleague and the spectacle he wants to enjoy from the top teams in Europe. On the sidelines of the teleconference, the resignation of – for a long time – Edward Scott was accepted. In particular, the vice president of the event, had stated his intention to distance himself from the developments since July and his request was accepted today, as it could not be ratified earlier, since the board is scheduled for November. In fact, Scott does not leave directly from the Euroleague, despite rumors to the contrary from various quarters, as his term will end at the end of the current season. Follow him on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world,

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