Shaquille O’Neal to star in ‘Shaq’s Garage’ animated series

Former American professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal has landed on a new children’s animated series. Kartoon Channel! The series will be about the secret adventures of an unusual collection of cars and trucks. Each vehicle has unique characteristics, intelligence and skills, such as musical style, Shaq Fu and knowledge of the secret language, Shaqanese. “Each story will be as unique as the vehicles and Shaquille himself,” says a summary of the series. Genius Brands, Andy Hayward said that the stories and designs of the vehicles are inspired by the animated series Toy Story, Tony Stark or Iron Man and 007. Shaquille O’Neal will lend his voice to the protagonist vehicle “We plan to present the most amazing, range of ‘made’ vehicles that can only be found in my garage,” O’Neill said. “They will all have strong personalities, important missions and, of course, impressive sound systems,” he said. “One of our cars is a vehicle that lacks a wheel, but is as powerful, fast and smart as any other vehicle. “It will be a children’s series, which will emphasize the inclusion of everyone,” he added. “Shaq’s Garage” will premiere in early 2022 on the Kartoon Channel !, a free digital platform. the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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