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Threatens, throws, responds, insults, insults, diminishes countries and peoples. Erdogan, having diligently governed with an international “carelessness”, has managed to build the profile of a leader who does not chew, who does not understand international political balances, who defies strategic plans and no one bothers him. It has also managed to become internationally notable. He seems to be the type of tsabouka who “cleanses” not only for his people but also for the whole Muslim world. That is, a self-sufficiency, even superior, that can depict the misery and fantasy of greatness, every part-time worker, every mountain miner, every humble person. But also to summarize all the anti-Western culture that has accumulated even in the most sold-out straw people in the region. He makes politics have a shape, a name (Macron, for example), he dramatizes it – he becomes himself a hero of Turkish serials (and of the entire international fiction subculture). Feeling, condescension, strength, revenge. It mixes history. He speaks like a post-dated Conqueror, like the one who corrects history, the one who restores justice. Turkey has been shrunk by the West and must return to its true body. Turkey is mainly what was “taken away” from it, not what it holds. The deficit is politically more efficient than it is. What is secured makes you sad, what is desired excites you. The president is handling this stimulus. He could be a smart advertiser, or a successful screenwriter. In his public speech he seems to be playing with the idioms of social media. It has assimilated the aesthetics and logic that run through them. He possesses their tempo, emotional recessions, intensifications. At the level of self-validation he has achieved a lot. Even the cartoons, the graffiti, the aggressive comments, the international discourse against him, essentially make him a hegemonic figure, an international personality. But in this way it also internationalizes the Turkish claims. He promotes the claims, turns them into pending issues, makes them functions of his own entity. country. Even if Erdogan disappears, the claims and pan-Turkism will remain. The difference, however, is that Erdogan is extremely penetrating. The discourse of national arrogance (not of independence that some consider) is disguised as a rhetoric of a superpower, thus refined, as if acquiring the aesthetics of the independent and self-governing. He speaks as equals with Putin or – his hostage – Trump and superior to inferior, with all the other leaders. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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