Seriously, who is in charge of SYRIZA?

Alexis Tsipras did not attend the dinner of the President of the Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, in honor of the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The former prime minister considered that, due to the coronavirus, his participation “would send the wrong message”. (Besides, he did not have the audacity to channel his conversation with the President in the press – but subtlety and Tsipras have always been opposing concepts…) Forgive me, but for something as serious as the formal dinner in honor of the leader of a friend whose country In fact, we need special support at this time, did the leader of the official opposition find this sad excuse to say? Better to say the traditional “my grandmother died, lady”, as the children used to say in elementary school. With so fresh in the public memory the coverage it provided to Polakis, he could not think of anything more original, something smarter in the end ; Who will be convinced of the authenticity of his excuse, when the previous day he has just justified Polakis, who did the exact opposite? But obviously he does not care at all whether his excuse is convincing – such worries are for him urban luxuries. He does not care if his interlocutor knows that he is lying at that moment. He does not feel ashamed that the other knows and understands. In order to achieve this, one does not only have the acquired cynicism; one, I believe, also needs the natural ass of the character. the blatant lie that the 50 ICUs of “Sotiria”, which were recently constructed with the sponsorship of the Parliament, do not work. (I would not say, however, that he proved it beyond any doubt, as I maintain the doubt that Tsipras may not really understand the semantic difference between the “occupied” and the “functional”…). However, this kind of conflict with reality, to see black and say white, is not due to selfishness, which prevents the recognition of error. This is a conscious choice of the politics of lies. But is there any of the above, which we did not know until now about the president of SYRIZA? He remains the one we knew and repeats his worst self – the only one he has, after all. The new element about Alexis Tsipras, which emerged through the confrontation of the leaders in the Parliament yesterday, is his complete identification with Polakis. The Prime Minister pointed this out in his deuterology in the Parliament, through the denunciation of the “polarization” of the opposition . I have the impression, however, that we are talking about something much more than the spiritual (so to speak…) influence of Polakis in the leadership of SYRIZA. Polakis is currently the leadership of SYRIZA. Because, at least in terms of communication, the leading figure who led SYRIZA, the day before yesterday in Parliament, belonged to Polakis. Not only did Polakis dictate to Tsipras his position in Parliament, but he was also the one who stole his show, transferring the controversy out of Parliament to “Salvation”, with the autopsy he performed and the photos he published in his noble form without a mask. I am afraid that the evil has gone further than we think: it is no longer that unbalanced activism has become SYRIZA’s policy, it is that the unbalanced person has taken the helm of SYRIZA or, more precisely, is holding Tsipras’ hands at the helm of SYRIZA I understand that my statement above may sound excessive and selfish, but I mean it completely. Tsipras has completely lost the game with Polakis, for a reason we avoid saying, due to the general respect for health issues: because there are psychological situations, such as the one in which Polakis is constantly, which are not controlled by anyone. So simple! .. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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