September tax lottery: The winners of 1,000 euros have been announced

One thousand lucky winners of 1,000 euros each were selected by the September receipt lottery lottery, conducted by the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE). The cash prize payment to the 1,000 lucky winners will be made through banking or other credit institutions. To see if you have won in the tax office, to see if you are among the lucky ones, you can enter this e-mail address. Select: Log in to the application, where requested, fill in the username and the code in TAXISnet. Once you enter the codes, you are presented with the following image: In the field “Public Lottery – Transactions and Lotteries”, click on the field “Print” and a new window will open, where you will see if you are among the lucky ones! and winners for taxationTaxpayers can be informed on the website of AADE c to see if they are among the lucky ones. The amount corresponding to the cash prize will be credited interest-free, after the declaration of the bank account. The prize is tax-free, does not constitute income and is not subject to any withholding in favor of the State or a third party. of the State 200 “Greek State – Collection of Receipts – Payments”. Note that the law covers even those who do not wish to participate in the lottery because they are afraid, for example, of the leak of sensitive personal data. The specific category of citizens can waive the prize they won in a specific draw within three months from its holding, by submitting a relevant application to AADE. In case someone rejects the prize, it is available in the 1st, 2nd and so on. beneficiary, holder of the respective alternate lottery of the specific draw. In any case, the participants in the lottery have the right to be informed, accessed and objected to the collection of their personal data. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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