Semedo, Ronaldo and Portugal 7-0!

With Ruben Semedo in the starting XI, Portugal defeated Andorra 7-0 in the friendly that took place in Da Luz, Lisbon. The center back of Olympiacos took a basic jersey from Fernando Santos and stayed on the field until his last hammer. referee. In fact, he was promoted several times in the Andorran region and tried to score with a header. The Portuguese federal coach proved in practice his confidence in the central defender of Olympiacos, who has made leaps and bounds since he arrived at the big port. The 26-year-old has evolved with the help of Pedro Martins, has improved and is now considered part of his country’s national team. A great success for Ruben Semedo, who is rewarded for his excellent performances with the red and white jersey in Greece and Europe. In terms of the game, Fernando Santos’ team did not face any problems at all against the weak Andorra and reached the victory comfortably. Neto opened the scoring just in the 8th minute. The hosts combined nicely, Sergio Oliveira leveled at his teammate and he shot with his left for 1-0. -0. Shortly before the start of the second half, Santos threw Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch and took out Neto. The Juventus superstar needed just 11 minutes to “serve” Sanchez for the 3-0. The Big Lady star made a terrible dribble and opened the ball to his teammate, who had no difficulty scoring with a nice shot. Five minutes later Paulinho scored for the second time in the game. Rui made the cross from the left and the Braga forward with a strong header defeated the Andorran goalkeeper, making it 4-0 for the hosts. In 76 ‘Garcia with an own goal made it 5-0 for Portugal, with Cristiano Ronaldo in 85 ‘to raise the score to 6-0. The final 7-0 was formed in 88 ‘by Joao Felix. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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