Semedo-Livagia: The “manipulations” that sent in the opposite direction two stories with many similarities

The faces of the days. With the same starting point, but different destinations. Ruben Semedo who just signed his new contract with Olympiakos, although the previous one was valid until 2023. Marco Livagia whose contract expires in the summer with AEK, but who is unknown if he will sign next: Much more likely with situations like the recent ones at the end of the match with Braga. No, the Croatian did not react publicly to the “change for change” decision of Massimo Carrera. In the locker room, however, he says, he threw various French in an unknown direction. Again, it is good that the Italian coach was not there. Because it would be difficult for us to reach his statement today “there is no problem with Livagia”. It is the contract that made the Croatian pass to his opponents in Portugal on the way to the humiliating 3-0 that actually puts AEK very difficult from the first and all night in the Europa League? Obviously “no”. Is it the contract that has brought Ruben Semedo back to last year’s levels, when the Red and White public felt that his team had just found the next leader of the defense they had been looking for years? Obviously “no”. They are the people. Relationships. The manipulations. And finally, the other football that you do not see on the pitch, but it is of great importance for what finally appears on the grass. Semedo and Livagia are rather “quirky”. They are definitely talented in the degree of “I make a difference” in Greek football. They both came here because they wasted their first opportunity (Villarreal spent 15 million euros for the Portuguese, the Croatian was at Inter). Both have so many cubic meters that very logically cause interest. For the defender of Olympiacos in the summer came Benfica. He went on to offer the Red and Whites 11.5 million euros. Pedro Martins was adamant. The management listened to its coach. And finally he decided not only to reject the proposal of the Lusitanians, but to prove with actions to Semedos that he will get what he deserves: The more Benfica gave him, the more the international stopper wins at Olympiakos. A little over 1.2 million euros a year! In their own way, the duo showed the 26-year-old stopper how much they appreciate his offer. How much do they bet on him for the development of the project. Semedo, who had trouble with covid, played at least as a change in the first match of the year (against AEK) as soon as he returned. And since then he did not come out of the 11th team again. The manipulations of Vangelis Marinakis and Pedro Martins have made the Portuguese feel as he should. Marco Livagia with AEK has 38 goals and 28 assists (129 assists). Last year there were times when he gave the impression that he was trying to pull the cart out of the mud on his own. This year it looks like he is different in the first seven matches of the season. In the last days of August, his agent came to Greece to talk to the Union about his new contract. It was heard at that time that many and various people were interested in him, with Fenerbahce first and foremost. It has never been confirmed that a proposal has actually arrived for him. The Croatian’s salary is the same as that provided for in Semedo’s previous contract. Livagia requested Semedo’s new contract in August. The Union proposal was “upward”, but not such that signatures fell. It is said, of course, that the 27-year-old’s attitude was specific from the beginning. Not a step back to his demands. But these are often just words… In the meantime the season has begun: AEK lost the cup to half of Olympiacos. And Livagia his place in the starting lineup at least in terms of important matches in the Europa League. Those that will largely play a role in shaping its market value in view of January. When he can now “free” to discuss his future (and) with other clubs. He played less than half an hour with Wolfsburg in the qualifying match. He played the same with Braga at the beginning of the groups. Coach Massimo Carrera chose against the Germans a team with a striker (Oliveira) and Mandalo and Garcia on the wings. And Oliveira with Ansarifard at 3-5-2 with the Portuguese. Obviously the coach wants to do his job. And he chooses those who he thinks will best serve his racing plan. On the other hand, the management of AEK has the right to evaluate as much as it thinks the value of the Croatian. And to offer him the next contract accordingly. However, the 27-year-old is likely to feel pressured at a very important time for him. According to the report, he only talked to Ilia Ivic about what happened in Portugal. And this pressure is definitely not good news. So whoever finds the differences. He also realizes that two footballers with relatively similar stories in August and September are in a completely different position at the end of October. 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