SEGAS: On December 12, the nominations for the election of a new administration

On December 12, in Lamia or alternatively, in case of a problem due to a pandemic, in Tripoli, the general assembly of SEGAS will be held and the nominations for the new administration in the oldest Greek sports federation will take place. The announcement of SEGAS: “With N. 2725/1999 (article 24) as in force, Law 4726/2020 (article 22) and the Statute of SEGAS (article 7 et seq.) Invites its member Associations to a General Assembly to be held on Friday, December 11, 2020 and starting time 10:00 a.m. The place of the event is the city of Lamia in the GAM LAMIA “CHALKIOPOULIO” Indoor Gym of Lamia, Filias 1 tel. Closed Gym of GDR Tripoli, end of Kalavrita tel. (2710 225020 -223183) with information of the member associations at least five (5) days ago. In case there is a problem in both (2) above cities, the Board of Directors reserves the right depending on the epidemiological conditions that will prevail due to COVID 19, to change the venue (city and place), informing the relevant associations – members at least three (3) days in advance. The items on the agenda are as follows: 1. Election of the Presidium of the General Assembly.2. Adoption of a ratifying decision to delete associations – members, in accordance with article 4 of the Articles of Association.3. a. Report of the Proceedings of the Board of Directors from 1/1/2020 to 11/12/2020. Approval and discharge of the Management.b. Financial and Cash report of income-expenses from 1/1/2020 to 31/10/2020. Report of the Audit Committee for the above period and Exemption of the Management from any management responsibility.4. Election of two (2) regular and two (2) alternate members of the Ephorate Committee, which, under the chairmanship of a Judicial Representative, will conduct the nominations for the election of Chairman and members of the Board of Directors, Audit Committee and representatives in HELLENIC OLYMPIA ( .5. Nominations for the appointment of a Board of Directors consisting of the Chairman, twenty (20) full members and five (5) alternates and an Audit Committee consisting of three (3) regular and two (2) alternate members.6. Election of one (1) regular and one (1) alternate representative of SEGAS in the HELLENIC OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (EOE), according to the Articles of Association of EOE (article 7 par. 2b) article 22 of Law 4726/2020) and article 24 par. 4 of Law 2725/99 as in force. In case there is no quorum, the Assembly will be held on Saturday, December 12, 2020 at 10:00 am. in the same place and space with the same agenda items. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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