Seferis, Greece and the era of monsters

It is one of those moments in history that makes you feel proud because you are Greek. Not because of blood or all this racial nonsense, since by chance we were born here and some others somewhere else. But because since we were lucky to be members of this great Greek family we must be proud of Greeks like George Seferis. Today, October 24, 1963, our great poet won the Nobel Prize in Literature and wrote an amazing thank-you note that should normally be taught in schools. Years ago, in my student years, we were given this text to analyze. But how to analyze a text that overflows with love for the Greek language, for the tradition, for this small country we live in? How to do this without being subjective to everything that was bequeathed to you but also how not to feel ashamed for everything that our generation is forced to bequeath to the next? wrote George Seferis: “Our place is small, but its tradition is huge and the thing that characterizes it is that it was handed over to us without interruption. The Greek language has never stopped being spoken. She accepted the alterations that everything alive accepts, but it does not show any gap. Another characteristic of this tradition is its love for humanity; its rule is justice. In the ancient tragedy, organized with such precision, the man who exceeds the measure must be punished by the Erinyes “… And he concluded:” In this world, which is becoming increasingly narrow, each of us needs all the others. We must look for the man, wherever he is. When, on the way to Thebes, Oedipus met the Sphinx and she asked him its riddle, his response was: the man. This simple word spoiled the monster. We have many monsters to destroy. Let us consider Oedipus’s response. ”So, reading about Greece where Seferis or Elytis wrote their poetry, and comparing it with the country we live in today, we understand that monsters are many and invincible. Greece is experiencing a reality very dystopian. Traffic ban? Who would have imagined that an inalienable democratic right, free movement, would be taken away. Greece is experiencing the images of the Golden Dawn fascists being imprisoned and remaining provocative. But also the crypto-fascists, the “asymptomatic” neo-Nazis who hide in Greek society and threaten our way of life. How disgusting can you feel seeing the policeman with the Golden Dawn slogan on his helmet or with the tattoo with the cross that reminds of Nazi? How to feel when 14-year-olds are arrested or when lynching is almost normalHow to feel when you see that there is still a large portion in Greece of 2021 who believes in extreme nationalist ideologies or uses fascist practices in their daily lives? How not to react when hatred, civil war climate, nonsense, extreme populism have prevailed in the political staff? People incompetent, dangerous, ridiculous and often dangerous define our lives with their decisions. A country in bulk, which sees the loss of old grandparents or who sees young children to be infected by the dangerous virus, but is not able to understand the obvious. squares, crowds, no observance of rules, tsaboukas but also disbelief for 2 in 10 Greeks who do not believe that there is a coronavirus. A Greece that while shining from its amazing sun and stands out from the unique colors, is deeply dark. And most importantly : A Greece that produced a Elytis, a Seferis, a Ritsos or a Cavafy, today has no success at the global level. And to talk only about evil. It is certain that the great Nobel Prize-winning poet saw us in front when he talked about monsters and when he appealed to find man. The man is lost, the Greek is lost, the Greek philotimos, the hospitality, the pride is lost. The era of monsters is here. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news

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