Second chance to 200,000 owners – The message of AADE is coming

About 200,000 property owners who did not fill in the COVID declaration correctly with the 40% reduction of the rents they received, as a result of which they have not seen the 30% tax deduction for the “lost” rents, will start receiving an e-mail from AADE. About one in two property owners who received reduced rents during the period March – August 2020 was found to have submitted the COVID declaration on the AADE electronic platform with serious errors or omissions, due to which it was not possible to calculate the discounts. Thus, these owners were assured of the entire ENFIA of 2020, without any reduction due to the calculation of tax deductions based on COVID declarations. AADE identified the errors and omissions, during the processing of the declarations of the specific owners, and will start sending messages to the taxpayers with instructions in their Taxisnet account to correct any mistakes or omissions in order to earn the tax deduction. The cases of errors and omissions identified by AADE mainly concern the following: – Submission of COVID declaration without a valid lease agreement, with based on the submitted information declarations.– Mismatch of monthly rent and initial amount of COVID declaration.– Non-completion in the COVID declaration of the type of lease (eg professional). Also, clarifications will be requested in cases of discrepancies identified in COVID declarations have been submitted by more than one co-owner. The aim is for the discount corresponding to the total monthly rent not to be calculated at 100% for each of the co-owners but to be limited so that for each co-owner it is proportional to his co-ownership percentage. E.g. at a monthly rent of 1,000 euros, which was necessarily reduced by 40%, ie by 400 euros, and concerns the property of four co-owners, each of whom has a 25% co-ownership rate, the tax deduction, which is equivalent to 30% of the amount of 400 euro, ie with the amount of 120 euros, not to apply in full for each of the co-owners and all together to receive a discount of 480 euros (4 X 120 euros), but to be distributed to each according to the percentage of co-ownership, ie by 25% , and be limited to 30 euros per co-owner (120 X 25%) Once the COVID declarations are resubmitted without errors or omissions, the owners will be entitled to the tax deductions they are entitled to and the amounts of these deductions will be deducted from either next monthly installments of ENFIA 2020 or from other tax debts that will follow ENFIA. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World , in the

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