Scandal: Shipowner Kriton Lentoudis succeeds in “cutting” loans of 110 million euros

The shipowner Kriton Lentoudis, owner of the company Evalend Shipping, is not well known to the general public. In the world that struggles to survive, to pay its debts properly, to service its loans, to beg for some regulation from the banks, Kriton Lentoudis is completely unknown. In secular circles, however, where the champagne Cristal of 4 The shipowner is famous for his gallantry. In the circles of the rich who collect expensive and rare cars, Kriton Lentoudis is famous for his… open-handedness. Most people can not be even in their wildest dreams. It is characteristic that, as those who know the owner of the shipping company say, the value of the unique collection of almost 50 cars, exceeds 15 million euros. In fact, some time ago Lentoudis did not hesitate to withdraw more than 2 million from his coffers to buy a single car. The Mercedes 300 D with which Papas Pavlos was driving. Party, money and “haircuts” He proves to be very intelligent (this means the name of Kriton after all) since he manages to have a large fortune, but at the same time to be a debtor of many millions of euros in banks and to achieve haircuts that would be envied by all the people who owe. Unlike Plato’s hero, Crito who talks to Socrates, three days before the death of the great philosopher, Lentoudis εί constantly thinks about the big secular parties organized by himself and his friends on the islands. With ethereal creatures, unique shows, incredible luxury and many well-known names from the shipping industry and showbiz invited. To be one of those rich Greeks who can convince the banks that… he does not have to pay the installments and that is why he “blushes” his loan. So, in a strange way, he managed to achieve a haircut of 110 million euros, citing insolvency. And all this at a time when hundreds of thousands of borrowers are anxious whether they will lose their homes from the foreign funds that bought their loans. People drown, Lentoudis “cuts” As soon as one or two installments are delayed, immediately the annoyances from the “Special” loan management companies. Even for a debt of 50 and 100 euros, the phones, the threats and the pressures on people who, in their vast majority, are fighting to be consistent, begin. And at the same time, all the governments of the last years, advertise the relentless persecution of “strategies Some banks are contributing to the crime of writing off debts to wealthy businessmen and shipowners. They have the funds to do so. However, the case of Lentoudi goes beyond logic. At the same time that he deals with banks to repay his loans, he advertises the purchase of an unreal car. Amazing cars Few people know that in Lentoudis’ luxurious and specially designed garage in his very expensive villa in the Northern Suburbs, there is a McLaren Senna. An amazing supercar, one of the 500 McLaren Senna that were built and cost close to 1 million euros. The last production was even priced at auction at around 2.2 million euros. Lentoudis, as a collector of world-famous cars, could not let την miss the opportunity. Rumor has it that the shipowner’s garage has been resting for some time now. years and a Bugatti Veyron worth 1,277,000 euros. It is the fastest commercial production car in the world with a top speed of 400 km / h. Lentoudis at the helm of his Lamborghini. The shipowner also owns a Ferrari F-40 built for his son Anielli and is the only one in the world without a clutch. He owns ten different Lamborghini models, while he also has models from Porsche, BMW and Mercedes. In fact, he participates in races. In 2017 Kriton Lentoudis took part in the 1st historic car race Hungaroring Classic and managed to win in the very demanding category driving a Mercedes-Benz C11 which was previously used by Michael Schumacher for testing. In 2013 Lentoudis stole the show in a car race and won the first prize with a 1976 Lamborghini Miura SV. This expensive car collector, owner of a shipping company, is said to own more than 40 ships. Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries of the Huyndai Heavy Industries group. The agreement concerns the construction of two crude oil transport tankers, VLCCs, with a capacity of 300,000-dwt, with an option for a third. One of the cars in his collection, of course, had their misfortunes as, according to reports at the time, in 2017 the authorities According to the English-language Libyan newspaper, the Libya Herald was the Liberian-flagged tanker, Levante (tonnage 19,996-dwt and built in 2008), owned by the shipping company Lentoudis. How is it possible, then, to make such deals, to buy the most expensive cars in the world, to have a personal fortune of hundreds of millions of euros and at the same time demand a 110 million euro loan cut? Of course, this is a business “miracle”, at a time which opens the debate on first home auctions. At a time when foreign “crows” have entered the Greek market for good and put the knife to the throat of ordinary borrowers or small businessmen who are trying to save their work, such agreements come to provoke public opinion.

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