Saving – Autonomous: From December 9 the applications

On December 9, the platform of the program “Save-Autonomy” will be opened for submission of applications – starting from the Region of Thessaly. The relevant Ministries of Environment and Energy and Development and Investment announce the launch of the program, with two adjustments: First, regarding the schedule for the submission of applications by Region, it is announced that the relevant process will start 10 days later, compared to the current scheduled for submission of the submission process on 30 November. The opening of the platform for the regions of Northern Greece – where the problems with the corona virus are more intense – will be postponed to the end. The new schedule is as follows: Second, the certificate required by the Town Planning (YDOM) to submit the application for program (Certificate of legally issued building permit or Certificate of arbitrary settlement) is not mandatory at this stage and can be replaced by a responsible statement, with a relevant change to be made in the information system. The submission of the certificate becomes mandatory in the next step of the process, as a condition of affiliation. The Ministries of Environment and Energy and Development and Investment consider that these amendments address a significant part of the requests submitted. On the other hand, in a period of recession throughout Europe and in Greece, the tools of the Recovery Fund are used in this way in order to move the market. In the event of a major postponement, it was judged that a flagship Recovery Fund program such as “Save-Autonomy” would remain inactive at a time when its contribution is critical to reducing the effects of the recession and restarting the economy. programs of this scale will now be announced every year. Therefore, those who do not join this year will have the right to submit applications in the next months for 2021, as well as for all the following years. Finally, today is published the final guide of “Save-Autonomy”, with only point changes and additions in relation to the pre-publication that took place a month ago. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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