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I confess that it is beyond my ability to capture an education without books, that is, what the Finnish state is doing in the schools of the northern territory. My mind, without pressing it, went to the burning of books of anti-Nazi ideology in Hitler Germany. But in Finland books are generally banished from education and replaced by experimentation and possibly television cassettes, documentaries and slide shows. That is, education in this northern European country, at least in part, will be illiterate. But let us take just one example from the knowledge that a Finnish student will take with him after graduation from school: History? With what experiments and with which TV show to learn to judge, having at least a wealth of information, the history of his place and the history of Europe? Without contradictory knowledge in the assessments, without arguments from another ideological point of view, he will sharpen his judgment, so that he can freely decide to arm himself as a citizen in dealing, in our time, with such diverse and often contradictory views and actions in political, moral , the scientific and cultural arena. In our country we were condemned by the inability of the political leadership for eighty years to teach from a school textbook imposed by Metaxas. And now educational and political leaders are coming to displace this one book as well. So far we have had information about Finland and admired the organization and effectiveness of the institutions. But as much as the machine of institutional production ensures a balanced coexistence of people, no matter how much the gap of class differences has narrowed, we did not learn and did not know, throughout Europe, about the production of important cultural works in this country. Really, what do you know and what contact or enjoyment do you have from Finnish music, poetry, prose, art, philosophy, sociology? When the theatrical scenes of Greece have often hosted great works by Ireland, the Scandinavians, the Portuguese, of South Americans, not a single Finnish text has reached our scenes. Do you know anything about Finnish cinema? At a time when products of all kinds, and of course cultural ones, dominate the markets, the bookstores, the discography, the television market, Finland is missing and no one is looking for its art. It is, however, apparently a thriving economy and a well-organized education. Without a book, the student in this northern country would not have read Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, Neruda, Kamy and Kazantzaki. He will have, as the teachers say, some skills, but he will ignore Pericles’ “Epitaph” or Pascal’s “Thoughts”. It is not enough for a student to see a documentary about existentialism or Goethe in class, because he receives the view of the creator and his look. A library is full of surprises and contradictions, positions and denials. And this is called Dialectics. In prosperous Finland, there is a fresh bun for the student, but he does not know that Giannis Agiannis was hunted for a loaf of life. And a student who grows up without a crisis succumbs to Finnishization and satiety. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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