“Run, others run faster…”

During the last difficult months of lockdowns and quarantine, it turned out that for the economy, communication, life itself, the only window that remained open was the digital world. To the one that our country is trying to join and meet other, more advanced societies and economies. This path and the effort is not simple. It requires rules, knowledge and skills and investments in modern media and technologies that are improving and changing from day to day. From this point of view, the findings and remarks of the BSE Digital Transformation Observatory are of great importance, which grays the impressions and numbers that have been cultivated for the “digital revolution” that is taking place in the country. Our reality lands and the effort required for to change page the country is even bigger than what is being done. So what does BSE point out: 1. It is a fact that the pandemic has given rise to faster digitization actions in the private and public sectors and to the expansion of teleworking.2. The changes are moving in the right direction, but it is clear that from one year to the next it is not possible to fill the big gaps. Especially when the rest of Europe is moving faster with far-reaching reforms and interventions for its digital transformation. Therefore, the small improvement in the comparative position of Greece (27th from 28th in 2019) underlines the need to move faster in relation not only to our past, but also to the rest of the EU.3. The steps of progress are reflected in the gradual improvement of the digital maturity of the public administration by four positions (24th from 28th) but despite the announcements and some legislative interventions, the comparative maturity of Greece in the regulatory environment shows a drop to 28th position. The recent legislation may be ambitious, but the reversal of the backlog comes from the speed of real implementation (and not just the vote in Parliament), with the example that in the Code of Digital Governance that became law, there are 120 ministerial decisions for its implementation ” This leads to the conclusion that “it is not enough to carry out the right reforms, but we must carry them out with greater speed and scope than the rest of Europe. Otherwise, the position of Greece will not change significantly. “Do you not agree? Στε Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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