“Roof”: A new theater in the center of Patras

The theater on the floor, the new arts center in Patras, is ready to open its doors to the spectator audience. The new space housed on the second floor of the historic neoclassical building where Vourloumis’s raisin warehouses were once located, aspires to become the new landmark of the city’s culture. Architect Sofia Delga designed the space, adopting a minimalist approach with a parallel approach, the past, preserving the industrial aesthetics of the space. The large openings that pierce the stone shell of the building, allow light to penetrate inside, reinforcing the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnaming the space ‘roof’. The foyer facing the view of the sea landscape, welcomes the spectators, accompanying them with the melodies of the piano that dominates the space. Passing in the square where there are places for at least 250 people, the boundaries with the stage are blurred, giving the viewer the feeling that it is part of the performance. dance, music, seminars, book presentations and other cultural events. All activities will be enhanced with the presence of important collaborators and teachers such as: Ioli Andreadi, Panagiota Dervisi, Niki Karakosta, Christos Karasavvidi, Loukia Michalopoulou, Parthenopi Bouzouri, Angela Bruskou, Enke Karamas, Enke Fezma is located behind the theater floor, for a new space that will contribute to the cultural development of the place, could not become a reality without the help of the company Astir. Mr. Papanikolopoulos-Kafkalia supported the project, believing that in times of difficulty the light can dissolve the darkness. On Saturday, October 31, 2020 from 10: 00-20: 00 the theater will open its doors for the first time. The visitors will have the opportunity to be guided in the space and to be informed about the upcoming performances. Karakosta, Efi Keramida, George Komninoglou. This will be followed by performances such as: Kassandra, Drama / Directed by: Christos Tzioukalias-Loukia Michalopoulou, played by Loukia Michalopoulou. The Country You Never Die by Ornela Vorpsi, directed by Enke Fezollari with Amalia Arseni, Vefi Redhi and Athena Karagioti. Sarah Kane’s comedy, Phaedra Eros, directed by Angela Bruscu, stars: Parthenopi Bouzouri, Giannis Papadopoulos, Tsimaras Tzanatos, Natasa Exintaveloni. GIRLS4KI4, directed-text-music edited by Christos Karasavvidis, starring: Kristel Kaperoni, Georgina Liossi, Nastia Vrachati and others. The Work of Stage Music Rhetoric, On Stage, by George Kouvaras, curated by Georgia Manolopoulou, with the participation of young people from the opera of the National Opera, which for the first time collaborates with a theatrical stage of Patras.

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