Rodeo at the “San Siro” and first loss for Milan (3-3)

In a “thriller” match, Milan and Roma shared a point. First loss for the “Rossoneri” who remain at the top. The fastest goal of Milan in the history of Serie A was scored by Ibrahimovic. It did not take even two minutes (1 minute and 48 seconds) for Milan to open the score. as the Swede scored his fifth goal of the season in Serie A, topping the scoreboard. In fact, this was the fastest goal in the history of Milan in Serie A! The hosts pressed better and continued to threaten Mirande’s home. Against the flow of the game, Roma re-entered the game, with Edin Dzeko bringing the two teams back together. Both the hosts and the visitors continued to play open football, with the first half ending without any remarkable opportunity… As it started in the first half, Milan started in the second! Leao “served” for the second time, with Salemakers placing perfectly with a contact, putting “Rossoneri” in front of them again! In the next phase, the hosts almost scored again, with Mirande making a great save in the terrible blow Foul by Tsalhanoglou. In the 71st minute the referee decided to bring the match back to a draw. With a penalty invention, Varretut sent the ball into the net of Tatarusanos, scoring 2-2! Nine minutes later, it was Milan’s turn to take the opportunity from the white ball. This time the penalty was right, with Imbra doing what he knows best and scoring his second personal goal in the match, giving the hosts the “head” again. The joy of Ibrahimovic and Milan lasted only five minutes. Koumboula took advantage of the Swede’s mistake in the corner of Spinazola and scored in the empty net 3-3! In the delays of the game, Romanioli lost a huge opportunity, with 3-3 remaining, the two teams sharing a point and the Milan to make the first loss of this season. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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