Retrospectively: What dates will the other retirees be paid

Nearly one million retirees will receive their retroactive payments in the coming days from the 2012 unconstitutional cuts in their main pensions. Retirees can receive their retroactive entitlements along with their November pensions from bank counters or ATMs. In these payments, the amounts are credited from the previous working afternoon to the accounts of the beneficiaries. Read also: Pensions: Why the beneficiaries were not paid yesterday – The problem is remedied TARGET2 payment platform, temporarily blocked the credit of November pension amounts to ATMs on Friday afternoon. The problem was rectified overnight and the payments were completed on Saturday. Retroactive (0,2,4,6,8). From the afternoon of Monday, October 26, the November pensions and the retrospectives are credited to the self-employed and farmers of pr. OAEE, EBRD and OGA. The amounts will be available at the counters of the banks on the morning of Tuesday, October 27. In the afternoon of Tuesday, October 27, the retroactive and November pensions are credited to pensioners of the State, NAT, ETAT, PPC. The amounts will also be available at the bank counters on Thursday, October 29. At the beginning of November, the heirs of the 172,222 deceased retirees who were alive during the critical 11 months (June 2015 – May 2016) but later died, will have to submit their applications, as a special electronic platform is launched. The retroactive payment to the heirs will be made next December. The amounts per fund The amounts of the retroactive per former Fund are calculated as follows: Public: 327,000 former public employees will receive an average of 1,130 euros. IKA: 300,000 former employees of the former IKA will receive an average of 900 euros, as their retrospectives start from 550 – 600 euros. OAEE – TEVE: 10,000 retired self-employed will receive an average of 800 euros, while those who come from the Merchants Fund will “fall” in half as they receive on average 410 euros. EBRD-TSAW: 17,600 health and doctors will receive on average amounts close to 2,000 euros. ETAA-TSMEDE: 22,000 engineers will receive retroactively, on average, 2,000 euros. EBRD-TAN: 15,500 lawyers will receive retroactive amount of 900 euros. PPC: 30,000 PPC retirees will receive an average of 2,600 euros retroactively. NAT: 57,700 sailors will receive about 1,500 euros return, on average. Follow it on Google New s and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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