Retrospectively: Their payment is smooth, says Vroutsis

With the creation in 2013 of the Information Systems “HELIOS”, “ERGANI”, “ARTEMIS”, etc., we started for the first time the publication of the data with the publication of reports, ensuring not only the public transparency and the constant information of the events “, but also the provision of real-time reliable real data on social security, the wage labor market and the control of undeclared and uninsured work”, points out the Minister of Labor Giannis Vroutsis, in a written statement, while clarifying that the payment of retroactive payments continues smoothly. The payment of retroactive payments is smooth, in particular, as he notes, the process of payment of retroactive amounts together with the monthly main and auxiliary pension, which are now paid together to retirees, which started on 23/10/2020, continues smoothly and always according to the ministry schedule Of Labor & Social Affairs, “which we have already announced since 16/10/2020 with a relevant press release”. , the administration of the Electronic National Social Security Agency (e-EFKA) has created an extremely useful and simple electronic service in the context of the most complete and detailed information of e-EFKA pensioners, which enables the pensioner to know the exact retroactive amounts Mr. Vroutsis emphasizes, emphasizing that with this application, each retiree will be able to find out the amount of retroactive benefits he is entitled to and can immediately print his own “Return of Pension Reduction Information Note”. Digital platform adds, with the completion of the return of the retroactive amounts to the pensioners, e-EFKA will create in November a digital platform for the retroactive amounts of the pensioners’ heirs and then the relevant circular will be signed that will define the procedure and the framework of the return. of these retroactive amounts. How much money will retirees receive? In conclusion, the attached tables concern 1,145,551 retirees and beneficiaries of the retroactive amounts and the total amount that will be allocated is 1,325,324,058.08 euros. relating to October 2020 and from the detailed data, seven critical data are summarized. Specifically, in terms of data on pensions: Number of retirees: 2,481,970 Monthly amount of income: 2,257,152,790.50 euros Total monthly amount of income from 01/01 / 2020: 22,532,082,113.09 eurosAverage main pension: 727 eurosAverage supplementary pension: 194.37 eurosNumber of young retirees with final retirement decision: 15,902Total young retirees with final retirement decision from 01/01/2020: 169.553Follow it on Google News and find out first all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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