Retrospectively: “Bonamas” up to 4,032 euros in December for 190,000 retirees

A “Christmas bonama” totaling 460 million euros awaits 190,000 retirees, old and young, with over 30 years of retirement. the increases of the new main pensions up to 252 euros per month (increased up to 11.8%) due to the new replacement rates, as they were legislated with the new Insurance. They will apply to those retirees who have more than 30 retirement years and both “old” and “new” retirees. The more years of insurance each retiree has, the greater the increase will see. Also, the increase will be greater the higher the pensionable earnings, ie the earnings on which the pensions are calculated. ), will get the whole increase in the “pocket”, while those who have a personal difference will get the increase above the amount of their personal difference. Old retirees will get the increase in two ways: With a larger pension and without a personal difference. The increase will be real, as it will exceed the amount of the personal difference and will be seen in the pocket. With a larger pension, but with a smaller personal difference. In this case the pension will increase, but if the increase does not exceed the personal difference, the result will be the same in the pocket, but part of the personal difference that was dangerous for cuts will have been converted into a pension. According to the examples of the competent ministry, the maximum monthly increase will amount to 252 euros (11.8%). This will be received by the pensioners who “retire” with a pensionable salary of 3,500 euros / month and 40 years of insurance. Specifically, the pension to which they will be entitled, according to the Vroutsi law, the pensioners belonging to this category will amount to 2,134 euros (replacement rate 61%) instead of 1,882 euros which is under the Katruggalo law (replacement rate 54%). The increase with 40 years of insurance will be smaller, the lower the pensionable earnings. The minimum percentage is 6.8% (with 700 euros pensionable earnings). With 39 years of insurance and the same as the above earnings, the increase in the main pension will amount to 11.3% under the Vroutsis law. Specifically, the pension will amount to 2,045 euros against 1,812 euros resulting from the Katrougalos law. The minimum increase will reach 6.5% with 39 years of insurance (with pensionable earnings of 700 euros). With the same earnings (3,500 euros) and 38 years of insurance the increase will reach 10.5%. In this case, the pension will increase, according to the Vroutsis law, to 1,956 euros (56% replacement rate) instead of 1,749 euros under the Katrougalos law (50% replacement rate). The minimum increase for those who have 38 years of insurance (with 700 euros pensionable salary) will rise to 5.8%. The increase (with a salary of 3,500 euros) will reach 8.6% with 36 years of insurance. It will amount to 1,777 euros (51% replacement rate) with the Vroutsis law instead of the 1,623 euros that arise under the Katrougalos law. The minimum increase will reach 4.6% with 36 years of insurance (700 euros pensionable earnings).]With 33 years of insurance, with the same earnings the percentage increase in the pension will rise to 3.8%, as it will reach 1,515 euros, based on n / s Vroutsi against 1,456 euros that arrives with the Katrougalos law. The minimum increase with 33 years of insurance will amount to 1.9% (with 700 euros pensionable earnings). The increases In the meantime, the inclusion of the increases in the temporary pensions was announced by Giannis Vroutsis announcing that with the next payment of pensions at the end of the month will be added increases in temporary pensions, as they have arisen based on changes in legislation. In practice, this means that for retirees – ex-employees the temporary pension increases from 50% to 80% of the average salary of their last year of work. Similarly, for retirees – former self-employed, self-employed and farmers, the temporary pension increases from 50% to 70% of the average income of the last 12 months. For widow’s pensions, the temporary pension will also increase to 70% of the deceased’s pension. Thus, the temporary one will be equated with the final pension. For the disability pensions, the temporary one is limited to 50%, when the disability is up to 66.99%. However it increases to 70% when the disability is from 67% to 79.99%. This is an improvement in the earnings of retirees who receive long-term temporary instead of a permanent pension. Besides, the minister himself admitted this, emphasizing the term “temporary”. He added that through the Atlas system, the goal is to make the final payment of pensions fast and immediate, through the digital process, and to stop this long-standing inconvenience for tens of thousands of retirees. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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