Retrospective: Special application in EFKA for the amounts of the beneficiaries

A new application is in operation in e-EFKA through which retirees can see the retrospectives they are entitled to and print the relevant information note. Specifically, in the context of the most complete, detailed and valid information of e-EFKA retirees about retrospectives Amounts credited to their accounts, the Institution’s Management has launched a new application, through which each retiree can immediately print their own “Return Reduction Information Note”. The new application is already available on the website of e -EFKA ( A new application, with which retirees can see the retroactive benefits they are entitled to, was created by the Ministry of Labor through the EFKA website, as announced by the competent minister, Giannis Vroutsis. new digital e-EFKA we have created a unique application to serve everyone! For the first time we give with a single click you can see anal retrospectively what you will get.— Yiannis Vroutsis (@VroutsisGiannis) Oct 23 received, at the first award of the pension, retroactive amounts corresponding to all or part of the period June 2015-May 2016, the amounts withheld and deemed unconstitutional will be returned in full, in the immediate future and by the end of the year, to The payment will be made on the same dates as the main and auxiliary pensions. It will also be made in a separate code so that each pensioner has detailed information on the amount of retroactive amounts he is entitled to. Follow it on Google News and find out first See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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