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In the first wave of the pandemic, the side doors of the temples were the back door of irrationality. The dormant dogma gained the upper hand at the expense of chance and existential anguish in the community. Caring for a fellow human being ended up being a word – cymbal muttering. At one point or another, however, churches are now proving to be a “convenience.” The teaspoon of the Divine Liturgy becomes the holy grail in the competition of progressivity. Tomorrow dawns the new chapter of “religiosity”. The invocation of the saints and saints of anti-imperialism (this characterization was reserved for the march to the American embassy by the general secretary of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas). The advertisement of the revolution that never sleeps. “Flag bearer” here is Yanis Varoufakis. He appears disobedient and unyielding if the 9-member delegation of the party does not reach the curbs of imperialism. It is a dazzling image in its provocation. Almost an illustration. Like the photo of a Greek Minister of Finance in the French magazine “Paris Match” in the year 2015. When he was performing the “shameful debt” of his homeland with octopus and breadsticks in the foreground, the Acropolis in the background and a music break with piano – Late – for some or quickly the irrationality of disobedience would recover. This time the superstition is rooted in the anxiety of the smaller parties to exist. The virus does not spread in the marches, they say (as it did not spread in the churches, according to the “party leaders” of the flock). The anti-systemicism is christened “responsible disobedience”, in a jumble of Thoreau and Martin Luther King, with the necessary dose of exhibitionism. But nowhere else is unbridled carelessness portrayed so eloquently as in the polka table. The explanation given – and badly accepted by the official opposition leader before bringing his executive to the report – was the overwork of the daily burden. The fact that Polakis had nowhere to rest his head after multiple surgeries. He saw openly in the house of friends, he also had light, so he entered. And then he played the nylon sux of toxicity: “You do not have me – I have you” and other such tabloids on the board. In his own, utterly counter-example, perhaps many inside and outside the government realized their own responsibilities when they moved away from the “mask, distances, avoidance of rallies” measure. In front of these images stands the community trying to internalize the agony of death and condemn the dogma wherever it comes from? Why should the shadow theater be watched by a “responsibly disobedient” opposition that embraces the totem pole of the Polytechnic, demonstrating its sensitivity to historical memory? History has existed. The memory is reviewed. Under certain circumstances, it is sensitive to listen to the needs of citizens who obey the new measures of self-restraint. Varoufakis breaks out of safety. He considers the sanctity of the Polytechnic to be his property. And at the same time he cancels it. Polakis’ opposition also plays it safe. For the neo-Leninist conception of reality, the pandemic offers an opportunity. It is the disorder that will give birth to a wonderful condition. As long as one watches the government “rot” counting the dead. And to address its “hard” base by looking for poles within 20%. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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