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At a time when the state, the Greek state, despite its poverty and misery appeared consistent in its obligations to the people, a prime minister called Eleftherios Venizelos (and in my opinion the only one who should rightfully be called Ethnarch ) took measures for the dangerous buildings that existed in towns and villages of the territory he ruled. in Samos, urged me to look for the 153rd Government Gazette from April 22, 1929, where the Venizelos government describes in an amazing way what is considered a “dangerous building” and takes measures for what should be done with all these buildings that exist throughout the country. from the Official Gazette the relevant excerpts, just to prove that laws exist, and exist from almost a century ago, but unfortunately are not implemented. And I do not even enter the discussion that the two children would live if the laws on dangerous buildings were enforced and did not remain registered in a drawer, and sprinkled with coarse salt on top to be pickled better λοιπόν So what did the Venizelos government consider a dangerous building? Read carefully, exactly as recorded in the Official Gazette, what (I have kept the spelling and the syntax of the law as it is – how else could I behave in such a diamond): “Construction and construction in general is considered dangerous from a static and structural point of view (commonly dilapidated) when due to insufficient or poor foundation, poor quality or composition of the materials from which it is composed, poor workmanship of construction, excavation or erosion under water or liquid partners, improper arrangement, connection or insufficient dimensions of these elements, and does not part of what is required for the cargo to be carried, and generally the destination of the security. In no case has a specific safety regulation been issued (ie safety limits for materials, strict rules of calculation, conditions of quality and processing and application of material rules of construction up to testing of materials and structures) are taken into account in general science in relation to special nature and treatment of the materials and the way of construction of the controlled construction. When there are clear signs of danger manifested by significant subsidence deviations of masonry masses ramshackle. The same is true whenever there is no external evidence but from the calculation or the way of construction, through the execution of a project or the effect of certain known causes, the existence of the risk unquestionably arises, in which case the demolition is ordered under certain conditions. Promise Article 5 of the same law details what happens once a citizen or service locates the building described in Article 1 above, and informs the authorities. The competent bodies, which is, according to the construction service, are initially looking for its owner. If he is located, he is warned about the danger that his building represents, and he is asked to repair it. If he does not do it within a reasonable period of time, then the state intervenes and demolishes it. Today, a hundred years later, the same buildings for which the Venizelos government legislated remain in place, and the country can afford to lose children at the age of puberty. Isn’t it a shame? (President Kyriakos made a promise to his father of a child, visiting the place where the two students were killed, for the dilapidated buildings. I hope he will keep it) .OutgoolThe anxiety of self-promotion or how the space-lost MPs of the ruling party do everything they can to stand out from the obscurity in which has been condemned by the Greek-Turkish crisis, the pandemic and the (bad) weather. The MP is called Costas Kyranakis, they are newly elected, and he has won a seat in the Parliament of Representatives in the southern suburbs of Athens. Mitsotakis had made him a party representative for a month, but he did not use him in the government. The young man, well-educated from the spotlight, and ignorant that publicity is like a fireplace, the very close burns you, the farther you get cold, he is one of those people who prefer the channels, because besides the others he is well-behaved, so he can to have an audience. However, an audience can have, it has no measure. Given this, the communicator or something like that, Kyranakis, in the middle of the week, dropped her in the scientific community that has ολ unjustifiably delayed in finding the vaccine (God !!), and ruled that the doctors (infectious disease specialists, etc.) whom the government trusted of circumstances !!! It took him a whole day to recall the stupid statement, but I do not stand by it. It is important that Kyranakis, and there are many like him in New Democracy, is the next generation of the country’s political staff. That at some point they will also claim its rule. And this is what worries me… New bookIn the era of the coronavirus pandemic or television you will see or read any book. Clearly in favor of the second option (not now, always) I strongly suggest you look for the book by Tassos Giannitsis, one of the most noble figures of Greek political life, entitled “Insurance, Growth, Macroeconomics – The Critical Connections”. Mr. Giannitsis, who is known to have served as Minister of Labor in the Simitis governments, bears a lifelong praise that if his effort to reform the country’s insurance system succeeded in 2001, today we would be talking in other terms about its economy, but we might have avoids many of the sufferings that the Memoranda have inflicted on the people. The book is published by Patakis, and I think that the author, using a phrase by Albert Camus, says it all about his effort: “It may not matter if what one does makes sense or not. It is important to see only if these are a response to people’s hopes. “He believes that with the book he wants to contribute to the discussion on the Insurance to shift from the individual to the collective level, while highlighting the development and macroeconomic impact of the Insurance .Good trip, wish the author… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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