Rent reduction: The secrets for landlords and tenants [παραδείγματα]

The new rent reduction brings 40% to the owners. The government is increasing the compensation of the property owners for the “haircut” of the rents from the November rents. At the same time, the way of compensating the owners is changing as well as the model of the offset with future tax liabilities we go to the model of direct payment of compensation to landlords. The reduction of rent Thus, from the rent of November: Suspension of employment contract for the rent of their main residence. Also, the rent is reduced for students who study in a city other than that of their permanent residence, live in a rented residence and one of their parents was suspended employment contract – The landlords of the real estate for which the rent is reduced are now entitled to compensation f 50% of the loss of their income – The compensation for the owners will not be offset by their future tax liabilities but will be paid directly to their bank accounts. Regarding the mandatory reduction of rents by 40%, the tax expert, Michalis Antonopoulos speaking on the show “MEGA Weekend” claimed that the measure concerns both professionals and employees, but also students whose parents are suspended. According to POMIDA, with this move the government accepted the basic request for a return of 50% of the losses of each owner , through its direct subsidy and not tax offset, which for those consistent taxpayers who were able to pay their tax liabilities this year to secure the 2% discount would be of no immediate importance, as they would have to wait until July 2021 deducted the return from their tax obligations of the next year be careful! In order to receive the amount of compensation, the property owner will have to submit electronically to the Taxisnet system a statement of income loss (Covid declaration) for the month of November. : -A landlord receives a monthly rent of 1,000 euros. With the reduction of rents by 40%, he loses an income of 400 euros. He is now entitled to compensation of 200 euros (50% of the loss of income), which will be paid to his bank account. – For rent of 2,000 euros the landlord will receive a rent of only 1,200 euros for the month of November. That is, he will lose 800 euros. 50% of the loss of 800 euros, ie 400 euros, will be paid by the State. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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